First and foremost, this post is going to just be an overall rant right from the off! Asking Alexandria, The Ghost Inside, Crown The Empire and Secrets. All bands I've never seen and desperately wanted to see.

 The night started off bad when my train was delayed over 30 minutes with added delays on the journey down, meaning I didn't actually get into Leeds until 19:10 - doors were at 17:30 and the show started at 18:00. So, as you can imagine, a girl in a skirt, docs and a leather jacket sprinting through the city centre up to the O2 Academy (who were pretty rude on Twitter when I tweeted them), ended up at the venue hot and sweaty.....on top of missing Crown The Empire and Secrets.

Luckily, I hadn't missed THE GHOST INSIDE, self admitting that I was most looking froward to this band in particular. They didn't disappoint either. Jonathan Vigil and co had made my night so much better. Starting their set with Avalanche and ending with Engine 45, I was fairly disappointed that the set was only 7 tracks long!

So, after enjoying The Ghost Inside it was time for the headliner - ASKING ALEXANDRIA and my gosh, where the hell do I start? I was utterly disappointed by the performance - to the point where I have a list of things that really wound me up! Firstly, the band are from York, England. Why Danny Worsnop felt the need to hold an American accent all the way through the show is beyond me. Not only while he was communicating with the fans but also while he was singing. I say singing, it was completely different to the album tracks, he tried to be an American rock star with his vocals and for me, personally, it didn't work. At all. On top of the vocals, there was a wind machine. Yes, a wind machine for a Metalcore band. Danny was the main culprit of ruining the show. Dressing like Worzel Gummidge and acting either blind drunk or as high as a kite, the other band members didn't seem best impressed with him either. Maybe I'm just nit picking but this blog is going to be my honest opinions! I certainly won't be going to see Asking Alexandria again, that's for sure.

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