From tiny Sheffield venues to this - selling out Wembley Arena. The biggest show that Bring Me The Horizon have ever put on to a 10,000 strong crowd. 

Unfortunate enough to miss Sleepwave, the sound of upcoming metalcore band, ISSUES, filled the concourses and upon entering the arena, a strong crowd singing along to 'Sad Ghost' followed by 'Stingray Affliction'. The seven song set included popular tracks such as 'Never Lose Your Flames' and 'Mad At Myself' before completing their set with 'Hooligans'

Next up were YOUNG GUNS, another British band on the bill for a spectacular night. Gustav Wood and co entered the stage to Adam packed Wembley Arena with screams and cheers heard from left, right and centre. Their set consisted on nine songs, some old classics as well as new, unnamed songs at the time. Opening with 'Bones' enabled the crowd to instantly begin singing their hearts out which then continued throughout the set with the likes of 'Winter Kiss' and ending with 'I Want Out'. After some fantastic support acts, it was the turn of the headliners, 

BRING ME THE HORIZON. With a sold out crowd of thunderous claps and screaming, the crowd were certainly up for it but were the band? Of course they were! Opening with 'Shadow Moses', the mosh pits began which surged fans on the floor closer to the front of the stage. Promoting the crowd to participate in circle pits, walls of death and crowd surfing throughout the sixteen-song set led to the atmosphere being electric with both excitement and enjoyment from Oli and the rest of the gang. With several songs being performed from 2013 album, Sempiternal, Bring Me The Horizon also added a few of their older, heavier tracks such as 'Diamonds Aren't Forever' and 'It Never Ends' before welcoming onstage former guitarist, Curtis Ward for a rare live performance of 'Pray For Plagues' - a huge crowd pleaser for the sold out venue! After ending the set with 'Sleepwalking', the band disappeared off the stage which instantly pumped the crowd up for the encore, clapping, chanting and screaming until they reappeared for the encore. The encore that the fans were expecting which started with a calmer 'Hospital For Souls' before heading into their latest track.....'Drown'. This was not a disappointment at all, the atmosphere was electric with the fans signing their heart out to the song that knocked Taylor Swift off the top spot upon release. They executed it fantastically. The final song of the night brought a rage of emotion as the band performed 'Can You Feel My Heart. With a final roar from the crowd the event is over. In my opinion, the event of the year. Bring Me The Horizon are becoming bigger and better with every song and based on tonight, a lot lies ahead for this band with an exciting 2015 ahead.

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