Part one of my 21st birthday celebrations was a trip to Manchester with two of my best friends to see Tonight Alive. The first point that I need to make is not related to the performances themselves but to Manchester academy. Firstly, the tickets stated that doors were at 19:30 - only to find out via twitter that they were actually at 19:00. Yes, found out for checking set times on Twitter. Due to the hotel being a team ride away, we ended up missing CHUNK! NO, CAPTAIN CHUNK!. Absolutely gutted by this point due to wanting to see them again (previously saw them support Bury Tomorrow on their tour in May).

After an encounter with a rude event steward, we were finally in to buy some merch and see THE SUMMER SET. In my honest opinion, they aren't my particular cup of tea however, the performed an eight-song set including a cover of Ed Sheeran's 'Sing' which was full of energy throughout. They got the crowd moving and prepared everyone for the headliner of the night. 

When the lights went down the crowd went berserk for TONIGHT ALIVE. The 2,500 capacity, sold out show is their biggest show in their careers to date and after seeing them play in a small, sold out Leeds Cockpit the previous year, this seemed like a massive achievement. The band opened with 'The Edge' and followed through the 17 song set with a range of songs from The Other Side, What Are You So Scared Of? and first EPs. With a good mix of songs from across the years, all fans were happy. Midway through the set, Jenna picked up her acoustic and sat on the floor of the stage. She began to discuss how grateful she was for the fans and the headliner show and then requested everyone to put their camera phones away while she fully focused on the song. This proceeded to be acoustic versions of Let It Land and Amelia. The rest of the band then returned back onto the stage and the lively set continued with Complexes and a cover of Rage Against The Machine's 'Killing In The Name Of' before finishing the set with 'Lonely Girl'. Unfortunately, due to silly train times, I had to leave before the encore of 'Eject, Eject, Eject!', 'Breaking & Entering' and 'The Other Side' but I'm pretty sure they finished the set how they started and played it.....fantastic! I cannot wait to see these guys play again, hopefully sooner rather than later.

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