So, my first gig of 2015 an what a way to start - Slipknot and Korn. Two global legends in one arena, both of which I have never had the pleasure to see perform. The arena was booming. Filled with many individuals in their late-twenties upwards, it was clear to see that these bands had made a lasting impression on multiple generations. 13,500 individuals ready to mosh hard and enjoy an incredible performance. 

IMG_0175-0 Unfortunate enough to miss King 810, the unique sound of KORN opening their set with 'Twist' to an excited, sold out crowd at the Sheffield Arena. Korn's eleven song set showcased some of their well known classics including 'Here To Stay' and 'Freak on a Leash' before completing the set with 'Blind'.

After a world class support act, it was the turn of the headliners, SLIPKNOT. With a sold out crowd of thunderous claps and and cheers the crowd were certainly up for this one. “Is that fuckin’ Sheffield I hear?” asks Corey Taylor, Slipknot’s frontman. the backdrop of flames, skeletons and two drummers on revolving platforms instantly made this look to be the performance of the year...and it's only January! Opening with 'XIX' Slipknot then followed into 'Sarcastrophe', the band played through a whole load of well known songs from across their discography including 'Psychosocial' and 'Duality'. Further to this, 'The Devil In I', a song from Slipknot's latest album, was welcomed by a crowd singing and moshing along to every single song. Guitar Hero favourite 'Before I Forget' also received a massive welcome. In terms of getting the fans involved, 'Spit It Out' seemed like the perfect way to cause chaos. A traditional Slipknot manoeuvre saw a sea of people getting down on the floor mid-song. I'd seen other bands do this but this experience was off the scale! Jumping up in unison, the chaos began an the atmosphere erupted even further. An overall reflection is that Slipknot are one hell of a band and are possibly the best performers that I have ever seen. The Prepare for Hell Uk Tour certainly exceeded my expectations and left myself, as well as many others, overwhelmed and in a fantastic mood for the journey home!

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