\ LIVE REVIEW: KERRANG! TOUR 2015 @ LEEDS O2 ACADEMY, 7TH FEBRUARY 2015 - The Adventures of Charlotte


Personally, I've never actually attended the Kerrang! Tour for various reasons.....until now. Leeds O2 Academy was the venue for tonight's stop for the tour, filled with excited teenage girls, rowdy teenage boys and the occasional fans that were older than 21 (like myself). With such a varied lineup for tonight's gig, there was a band suitable for everyone, or in my case a fantastic line up where all the bands are on my playlist.

BEARTOOTH, on stage for a very early set at 6pm, came out and absolutely killed it. For a very early set time, there was still a good sized crowd to welcome and mosh along with the American hardcore band who brought in the first pits of the night along with their loud presence and sound. 

Next up were one of my personal favourites, BURY TOMORROW. Since first seeing this band perform in 2013, they have done nothing other than impress me performance after performance. Taking to the stage and opening with 'Man on Fire', Bury To or row set the crowd into the next stage of chaos. With Dani's lead vocals, Dav's charisma and Jason's fantastic clean vocals the metalcore band made a lasting impression on the crowd. The six song set included tracks from the latest album 'Runes' before ending with two of the more popular tracks from 'The Union Of Crowns' which included 'Honourable Reign' before completing the set with 'Lionheart'. With circle pits galore, the energy had certainly built after the first two and heaviest bands of the tour. 

Third on the line up was a quick 15 minute set from YOUNG GUNS who were added to the bill at last minute. Performing some of their new tracks to the Kerrang! Tour audience, the crowd were happy to sing along to their new single - 'Bones' before they exited the stage swiftly. 

WE ARE THE IN CROWD followed with many of the male population enjoying the views of Taylor Jardine (who wouldn't enjoy it?!). WATIC are another band that I have previously had the pleasure of seeing and thoroughly enjoyed. Their twelve song set opened with 'The Best Thing (That Never Happened)', making the crowd instantly bouncy with everyone around me singing their hearts out. With Tay and Jordan's mixed vocals, the pop punk band are unique and are outstanding live. Carrying on with the set, WATIC played quite a few songs from their latest album 'Weird Kids' as well as tracks such as 'Kiss Me Again' and 'Exits and Entrances' from 2011 album, 'Best Intentions'. The band finished their set with the popular 'Both Sides of the Story' from their first EP before closing with 'Rumour Mill'

Headlining the tour are English rock band, DON BROCO. Again, another band I have seen live on a few occasions and have loved every time. With many girls screaming as frontman Rob walked on stage, DB opened their set with 'Money Power Fame' before strolling into old classics such as 'Actors' and hearing the crowd sing back to 'Yeah Man' at the top of their lungs. The set continued with a couple of new songs from their future, highly anticipated album before going back to some oldies with 'Beautiful Morning' and 'Thug Workout' which lead to absolute chaos on the floor. With pits, crow surfers and Rob looking incredibly er....toned, the whole atmosphere was fantastic. Their set climaxed with 'Priorities' followed by 'You Wanna Know'. After a fantastic night with an incredible line-up, the after party at The Key Club saw Dav, Bury Tomorrow, DJing a great set. Overall a very memorable night with some bands that are going to be huge.

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