\ LIVE REVIEW: THE USED @ LEEDS STYLUS, 13TH FEBRUARY 2015 - The Adventures of Charlotte


The Used were the first alt rock/post-hardcore band that I listened to, all thanks to my cousin who introduced me to them in my early teens. Until tonight I hadn't had chance to see them live, this gig was very much one I was looking forward to.

I unfortunately missed DECADE however I did get to the gig in time to catch some of the LANDSCAPES set. Brutally honest, I wasn't that impressed with them. Maybe it just wasn't my cup of tea but there didn't seem to be much atmosphere from the crowd either.

I won't dwell on that though, the main event certainly made up for it. I didn't know whether to have high expectations for THE USED or not! I thought I'd remain neutral so I could be disappointed or extremely happy. I was certainly the latter! Opening the set with 'Cry', a track from their latest album, Imaginary Enemy, saw the crowd becoming instantly engaged with the band, singing and dancing away. The set continued with a varied set-list with tracks from all albums other than 2012's Vulnerable. Playing new and old tracks meant that all fans of all ages could sing along to their favourite tracks whilst bouncing around with Bert McCracken. Playing some of the older tracks such as 'The Bird and the Worm, 'The Taste of Ink' and 'All That I've Got' among many others sent the crowd into a chorus of fans singing their hearts out. Finishing the first part of the set with 'Pretty Handsome Awkward' led the crowd into shouting for more - Bert had previously stated that they would do the usual 'go off stage, get the fans to ask for more then come out to play a couple more tracks'. Their encore consisted of two tracks from their self-titled debut album which was released way back in 2002, beginning with 'On My Own' and ending the night with 'A Box Full Of Sharp Objects'. The Used did not disappoint at all, everything was fantastic from the performance to Bert's stage presence. Overall a top gig and would love to see these guys again.

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