\ LEEDS FESTIVAL: PART ONE - The Adventures of Charlotte


By far the best camp at Leeds Festival. Photo credit goes to Kat, my phone was dead after three hours.
Photo credit goes to Kat, my phone was dead after three hours.

My favourite time of any year is Festival season, especially Leeds Festival. That feeling in the week running up to the event is fantastic, from going shopping with your best friend to get a load of rubbish food and drink all the way to knowing that you only have a two day working week. 

Travelling down on the Wednesday was much better than I thought it would be - not much traffic and parked close to the entrance. With our tent, backpacks and granny-trolley at the ready, we were on our way along the trek across the seemingly endless fields to get into the campsite. Walking through the tent and getting that wristband is the start of a fantastic few days (from past experience). After pitching up the tent and a couple of trips back to the car it was finally time to relax and crack open a nice cold can of Strongbow - my festival favourite. 

Slowly, everyone started to arrive and soon our camp was around 20 strong, it was great to be able to catch up with old friends and meet new ones at the same time and no better way to get to know people with the ridiculous games that happen that Wednesday night. With music playing and a few rounds of Zimmy, Never Have I Ever and other random games, the Wednesday night was chilled and enjoyable - it’s just a shame that there are no events at all on a Wednesday! 

Thursday evening however involved a lot of dancing. I literally don’t think there’s a feeling like that one when you’re walking towards Orange Hill with booming music and an array of lights before you. It’s the sort of feeling in your stomach that makes you feel at home. I’ve not however, missed the attempt at safely getting myself down said hill. That night we spent at both Piccadilly and Relentless, both of which were very busy and extremely fun. Heading back to your tent in the dark and tripping over tents is always a fun part of getting back to camp. Now, onto the important bit….the music. 

The Friday line up to Leeds Festival was one that I was very much looking forward to. Starting off at midday with Feed The Rhino - an energetic set which definitely woke up the hungover crowd that had headed down to the arena early to catch them play. I do think that they would have been better inside a tent but nevertheless, they were good. Next up were Lonely The Brave who are absolutely fantastic live. I have previously seen them before however, their performance on the main stage was much better than I anticipated - the only downfall for me was the stage presence of the lead singer, David Jakes. His vocals were outstanding but he was very quiet on stage and seemed to be closed in his performance. I’d go see this band in the future. Following Lonely The Brave were Against Me!, a band I’ve not overly listened to in the past but wanted to check out. They seemed to have drawn in a big crowd and performed a very loud set. The crowd got into it and for the main stage they performed well. 

For the rest of the day/evening we moved across to The Pit Stage. Starting with Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes who I’d admittedly, have never listened to before but absolutely blew me away. If you like hardcore punk then you should check these guys out! Next up were Beartooth. I don’t even know where to start with these guys. I’d listened to them a few times before but I fell in love with their performance and have not stopped listening to their album, ‘Disgusting’, since. Caleb’s vocals were fantastic and are a live band that I could watch over and over again. Following that set were one of my favourites, Bury Tomorrow. I’ve seen these guys a fair few times now and have never been disappointed however, the sound during their set wasn’t brilliant. Despite this, they played a good set with a mix of songs from different albums and then went on to say they were going to focus on album number four which is something I can’t wait for. FrnkIero AndThe Cellabration were next up and, as an ex My Chemical Romance member, the tent was full of screaming girls. I’d seen these guys for the first time last year and I must say that I did enjoy them, today was the same, I enjoyed the set and the sound. The further the night went on, the heavier the music got - starting with Cancer Bats who got the crowd well and truly moving with tracks from across their album range. After a long day I spent the set stood spectating and singing at the back of the tent but was still surrounded by people thoroughly enjoying the music. I love the smaller tents at Festivals, the atmosphere tends to be better. Following Cancer Bats was a more local While She Sleeps. Again, I’ve seen these guys a few times and they personally have never disappointed me and tonight was another one of those nights. I genuinely think that this set was the strongest I’d seen them play, the crowd were going mental and I enjoyed a singalong to a good-lengthed set. Overall, The Pit did not disappoint and it’s where I spent the majority of the rest of the weekend. 

To end the night myself and Hannah headed across to NME/Radio 1 stage to catch some of DeadMau5 before we headed back to camp. In conclusion, the first few days of Leeds Fest was awesome. I saw bands I’d not seen before, made some fantastic memories and ate a lot of nice food - and it was only then end of Friday! 

Catch my next post for my take on the bands and events of Saturday.

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