\ LEEDS FESTIVAL: PART THREE - The Adventures of Charlotte


So, my final instalment of my Leeds Festival travels! I feel pretty gutted that I’m ending my writing on the event, just as I felt when I woke up that Sunday morning. 

Sunday for me was by far the best day of live music, non stop music until the end of the night and of course, the return of Alexisonfire.

The Bestie!
Feeling extremely hungover after Saturday’s antics, Hannah and myself headed down for the first band of the day. The One Hundred in The Pit. Just what I needed for a very hungover head - a new generation of crushing guitars and infectious electronica. These guys are awesome though and are certainly worth a listen. Their Subculture EP is available now and it’s a good one! 

Following a rather heavy start we headed across to the main stage for female fronted, Yorkshire band, Marmozets. I’ve loved this band every time I’ve seen them perform live. The set was completely faultless. Out of the songs played, ‘Captivate You’ is my favourite, I had a good sing-a-long. 

Next up were Modestep. I first started listening to these guys in 2011 when they first released ‘Sunlight’. They got everyone bouncing and the sound of the dubstep rock was music to my ears….literally. Apart from the fact that Hannah and I couldn’t keep our eyes off the guitarist, we thoroughly enjoyed the music. I haven’t been able to stop listening to their latest album, London Road, since. These guys are touring in November and they’re certainly worth catching, I’ll be bouncing away in Leeds! 

One of my guilty pleasures were next. Pierce The Veil are a band that I’m not ashamed to admit that I love. I first saw these guys support Bring Me The Horizon back in 2013 where I met them and got my album signed (massive fangirl, yes). They were all so lovely and I love seeing them perform. They aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but they made me happy during their set. There’s nothing I like more than singing along to songs and when they played ‘King For A Day’ that’s exactly what I was doing.

The Only Band Ever.
The Only Band Ever.
Argh, now it’s time for me to waffle on in excitement in the fact that I finally saw Alexisonfire. Myself and a couple of friends managed to make our way towards the front, right in the centre which gave me a perfect view but left me getting battered left right and centre as well as making me very sweaty. They were so unbelievably fantastic and I think I had a consistent cheesy grin throughout their set. After playing a set of incredible tracks, George announced that Alexisonfire were back and the crowd reaction was insane. Since then they have announced that they are back together in that they are friends again with no plans of touring/making new music. Boohoo. But we’re not reading this to be sad - there is potential for them to tour again which is the best news!

After calming down from my excitement we had to choose between Royal Blood and PVRIS. We chose PVRIS. As much as I’d have loved to have seen Royal Blood, PVRIS killed it in The Pit which was completely rammed inside and out. Playing a load of songs off their debut album, ‘White Noise’ they completely pleased the fairly young crowd. I saw PVRIS perform at Slam Dunk earlier in the year and they sounded so much better in a tent. I want these guys to tour again. 

We stayed in the tent ready for the next band - Atreyu. A band I’d listened to throughout my teens but never had the opportunity to see live. It was fair to say that the majority of the younger audience had left and were replaced by many more older Atreyu lovers. Ready for their new album launch they played new song, ‘Long Live’ which is absolutely brilliant (like the rest of the album which is out now!). They were much better than I’d anticipated them to be, much much better. Unfortunately we left their set slightly early to head back to the main stage to catch Bring Me The Horizon. 

Bring Me The Horizon + Sunset = Heaven
Bring Me The Horizon + Sunset = Heaven
Well, what can I say? I saw these guys back in December when they played the Wembley Arena show which was later brought to DVD. That gig had left me with high expectations for this performance and as the sun set on Bramham Park, Bring Me The Horizon blew me away. Their new material sounded insanely good, the stage presence was there and the overall sound was fantastic. They certainly proved that they are big enough for a high spot on the main stage. I hope you’ve all got your tickets to see these guys on their next tour. I’ll be singing away at Doncaster Dome on the eve of my 22nd birthday! 

After Bring Me The Horizon, Hannah and I wandered back to the NME/Radio 1 stage for Twin Atlantic and managed to get right to the barrier. As fangirly as I could be, my jaw was on the floor throughout the set. Sam’s voice gets me every. single. time. They sounded fantastic and they made my sob my little heart out when they played ‘Crash Land’ acoustic. Literally tears streaming down my face. I love these guys but I am gutted that it’s the end of the ‘Great Divide’ run. 

To end the night and the festival, myself and Hannah stumbled (yes, maybe a little bit of beer) across to the main stage to catch part of Metallica. I originally wasn’t too fussed about these guys. The older rock/metal bands don’t particularly appeal to me buttttt, wow. They were incredible! We sat with chicken nuggets and chips before we had a little dance but it was the perfect way to end a fabulous time with my best friend. 

Back at camp lots of people had already gone home so we headed straight to sleep and left fairly early the next morning. To sum up my time at Leeds Festival 2015, all I can say is absolutely fantastic and possibly the best out of the 4 I’ve been too. 

Until next year Bramham Park!

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