\ LEEDS FESTIVAL: PART TWO - The Adventures of Charlotte


After a more chilled Friday night I was up early and ready for more fantastic music, starting the day down at the main stage for Neck Deep. They’ve had a few not so brilliant stories floating around Twitter the past month so I was anxious to see what the crowd reaction would be like to them opening the Saturday main stage. Despite this, they drew in a huge crowd and killed the opening set. Playing songs off their most recent, UK #8 album, ‘Life’s Not Out To Get You’, Neck Deep got the crowd dancing, singing and everything else. Even Laura Whiteside joined the band for ‘A Part of Me’ - one of my favourite songs of theirs. Overall, very impressed and I cannot wait to see these guys again soon. 

Catching the very lovely weather with Alex.
Catching the very lovely weather with Alex.
Next up were my absolute favourites, Panic! At The Disco. Having only gotten chance to see these guys once before they were the band I was the most excited about across the full weekend and they 100% didn’t disappoint. Opening with Vegas Lights and playing tracks across their album range was complete perfection in terms of dancing away, singing my heart out and of course, having the jaw-droppingly gorgeous Brendon Urie right in front of my eyes. I literally couldn’t be happier than I was at this point. 

From PATD we dashed across to the NME/Radio 1 stage to catch Don Broco. These are a band I’ve seen several times and bring back memories of trips to Leeds with my friend Alex for a night of Donny-B and dancing. Despite the pure arrogance, they literally never disappoint and I’m pretty sure the fully packed tent agreed with me. I did want to catch a little bit of All Time Low back at the main stage which meant dragging Hannah back across the arena so I could indulge in my guilty pleasure. For the remainder of this we stayed behind the second barrier to which we were greeted with a fully grown man who drunkenly appeared to be having the time of his life singing and dancing away to All Time Low. They always perform such upbeat and fun sets and I fully do not understand anyone who doesn't enjoy them! 

We then headed across to the Lock-Up Stage and caught The Bronx, a hardcore punk band from Los Angeles. I've never really listened to them before but have heard good things and, enjoyed them! They've since been added to my Spotify playlist. 

Following The Bronx, we headed back across to NME/Radio 1 stage for Limp Bizkit. This performance was absolutely insane. In a packed tent we got pretty deep into the crowd and it is safe to say that it was a completely mental experience. Everyone was bouncing and singing away to the full set. It was an incredible experience seeing Limp Bizkit live, the band might be getting old but they’re certainly still fantastic. 

We caught the start of New Found Glory but then wanted to head across to catch Knife Party. Unfortunately I missed Knife Party when they played back in 2013, I was too busy watching Biffy Clyro and crying my eyes out but, WOW. I cannot fault them at all, I think Hannah and I spent the entire set bouncing and dancing around like a pair of tools but we had an absolute blast. If you ever get the opportunity to catch Knife Party - grab it with both hands! 

The rest of the night was again, spent down at Piccadilly and Relentless dancing the night away until the early morning. I didn't want to go to sleep because I didn't want it to be the last day! 

Catch my final instalment of my Leeds Festival Review this week!

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