After a weekend in a muddy, smelly field the best thing about the end of a festival is arriving home to a nice warm VictoriaPlum.com bath and a freshly made bed. For me, the bath needs to be deep, super hot and full of bubbles along with a playlist that lets me unwind and re-live an incredible weekend. After driving back the Monday, listening to BBC Radio 1 all the way home listening to the live highlights, my bathtime playlist needed to be something that reminded me of the weekend as well as being a bit more toned down to my normal taste. Here are 10 songs that I added to my relaxing bathtime playlist: 

1. Panic! At The Disco - Nine In The Afternoon (Acoustic) 
As performed on X103.9, this has become a YouTube favourite. I first saw these guys perform in 2014 and I loved every second of it. Seeing them perform on the main stage on Saturday at Leeds was incredible. Every song performed was perfect from opening with ‘Vegas Lights’ and including a cover of Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. They ended their set with the original version of ‘Nine In The Afternoon’ which led to the huge crowd singing along to arguably their most popular song. With the softer instrumentals and Brendan's strong vocals, this acoustic version of ‘Nine In The Afternoon’ is perfect for a bathtime chill.   

2. Alexisonfire - Born and Raised//Death Letter 
Alexisonfire were one of my favourite bands as a teenager and then through into my twenties. Unfortunately they separated in 2012 before I had chance to ever see them...until Leeds Festival. Reunited for only 5 select global performances I was lucky enough to finally witness them perform and I was certainly not disappointed. After getting dragged to the front of the crowd by my two friends I was squished, pushed and pulled left, right and centre but it was the complete highlight of the full festival. For my post Leeds Festival bathtime playlist I’ve chosen ‘Born and Raised’ from their final EP, Death Letter - a chilled out acoustic version of the original. 

3. Twin Atlantic - Spotify Sessions 
There’s nothing more relaxing than hearing incredible vocals with a Scottish twist. Lead singer, Sam McTrusty’s accent comes through strongly on Twin Atlantic’s songs and it is nothing less than perfect. I’ve seen these guys live a few times now and all albums could be added to this playlist. Twin Atlantic were one of the last bands that I saw over the weekend which made the perfect end to a fantastic festival - I have no shame in admitting that I cried my eyes out when ‘Crash Land’ was performed. Rather than choosing one song I’m going to add their Spotify Sessions set which included acoustic versions of ‘Heart and Soul’, ‘Hold On’, ‘Brothers and Sisters’ and ‘Oceans’ to my playlist.

4. PVRIS - St Patrick (Empty Room Session) 
PVRIS seem to have grown massively in the past year or so, with a full album (White Noise) of fantastic songs they gained a well deserved slot at Reading and Leeds on ‘The Pit’ stage. Expectedly the tent was heaving and the performance was fantastic. The Empty Room Session of ‘St. Patrick’ is available on Spotify and is an exceptional, soft version of the original. Perfect for bathtime chills. 

5. Coasts - Oceans 
‘Oceans’ was the debut single for this band and was released back in February 2013 but was then remastered in 2015 which led to the band getting more airtime on the likes of BBC Radio 1. This track was the playlist to my 2013 and held a lot of memories. Unfortunately I missed these guys due to stage clashes which are always a nightmare. The original version of the track is in my bathtime playlist for both the memories it made and Chris Caines’ incredible vocals. 

The last few played Leeds Festival in 2013/14 and still hold massive memories to me… 

6. A Day To Remember - Have Faith In Me 
This is my all time favourite band. I’ve seen them countless amounts of times, I have a tattoo related to this particular song and I’m going to California to see them perform at Self Help Festival in March 2016. ‘Have Faith In Me’ is a track from their groundbreaking ‘Homesick’ album which was released in 2009. A Day To Remember played Leeds Festival in 2014 and absolutely killed it. The acoustic version of ‘Have Faith In Me’ can be found on YouTube with loads more incredible B-Sides (Monument is another favourite).

7. Fall Out Boy - I’m Like A Lawyer 
Fall Out Boy played Leeds Festival in 2013 and were absolutely fantastic - I’ve seen them perform live twice since then. ‘I’m Like A Lawyer’ is one of my favourite songs by the band, it’s chilled and is perfect for a nice relax in the bubble bath after a hectic weekend. 

8. Blink-182 - I miss you 
Blink-182 are a typical teenage band for me and I saw them for the very first time at Leeds Festival in 2014. With references to one of my favourite films ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’, ‘I Miss You’ is a track that isn’t the happiest but at the same time it’s perfect for an in the bath sing-a-long. We can live like Jack and Sally if we want….. 

9. Green Day - Are We The Waiting My childhood band and my first proper gig. My Dad took me to see Green Day for the first time in 2009, Sheffield Arena. After arriving late my dad shuffled me through the crowd and got me close to the front - such an incredible night! I saw them again the following year at Manchester’s Old Trafford Cricket Ground then again when they headlined Leeds Festival in 2013 where they played the entire ‘Dookie’ album. This song brings back memories of times with my Dad as well as crying my eyes out watching them in a muddy field. 

10. Paramore - Still Into You 
Another one of my favourite bands which co-headlined the main stage in 2014. This particular song brings back fantastic memories of their performance and the summer of 2013 when it was first released. My inner Hayley Williams comes out when the opening of this song comes on - it’s fantastic to sing-a-long to and perfect for a splash in the bath. I should be over all the butterfliesssss… Keep a look out for my next posts which will be more specific about my time at Leeds Festival, the bands I caught and my highlights.

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