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DoNY - Nails
If you’re looking for a new pop rock band to fill your musical playlists, look no further than Ipswich based Dukes Of New York. 

I was lucky enough to be given exclusive access to their debut single, ‘Nails’, which is a fantastic blend of guitar riffs and female vocals with lyrics that can relate to any situation in life. 

The band consists of  Michelle and Zoe on vocals, Will on guitar and Pip on bass which sees the foursome gel together to bring a different sound to the pop rock music scene. 

Will and Pip’s musical history of being involved in previous bands, live performances, teaching and writing has been taken to another level with the introduction of vocals in 2015 with the addition of Michelle and Zoe. 

Scroll down to hear the single in full

'Nails' is available now from iTunes, bandcamp, Google Play and Amazon

Alternatively, you can stream the single from Spotify or Soundcloud
Check out DoNY on social: Facebook | Twitter 

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