Love this one lots!
My third gig in the space of a week involved a four hour journey down south to the capital to see one of my best friends and one of my favourite bands at the moment, BEARTOOTH

It's the third time I've seen these guys tour this year, firstly at the Kerrang! Tour in February, then at Leeds Festival this year and I've not once been disappointed. 

As excited as I've gotten about the band, we can't forget about the support acts! First up were BLOOD YOUTH who have only been together for the past 8 or so months and boy did they smash it! Certainly another band that are getting added to my Spotify sooner rather than later - I've got a feeling that these guys will end up getting big pretty quickly! From vocals to overall sound I really enjoyed these guys. 

Hands down one of my favourites
Next up were a band that I'd not actually heard of and went by the name 68. The band consisted of a drummer and the guitarist/vocalist in what seemed to be a very strange mix. Whilst they were both excellent at what they do, I just found it to be a very odd combination when the vocals were added. Maybe a band that will grow on me, maybe the vodka I'd had just wasn't allowing my brain to understand it. I'd give them another shot though! 

And now for the exciting part, BEARTOOTH! Where do I even start?! From the moment they got on stage the gig turned into the craziest, sweatiest night that I'd been involved in in since Alexisonfire at Leeds Festival. Opening with 'The Lines' the crowd instantly went mental and the full area of the floor turned into a huge mosh pit which carried on throughout the whole set - I even managed to lose my purse out of my bag (thanks to the awesome guy that found it and got it back to me!). From then on I was bouncing away whilst clinging onto my bag as tight as possible to old tracks and many from their latest album 'Disgusting'. Ending the night with 'Bodybag', it was safe to say that this has been the best I've seen the band perform and I would pay over and over again to see these guys! If I hadn't have been attending Bring Me The Horizon on the following Thursday I would have certainly have been travelling to Manchester to catch the set again. 

Anyone that hasn't already listened to them I recommend it highly. They're fun, energetic and boy does Caleb know how to sing!

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