The line up for this gig was probably the best one I've seen for a long time, on tonight's bill was PVRIS, Neck Deep and Bring Me The Horizon - could I have asked for a better birthday eve?!

Armed with my two best friends and birthday excitement I was super excited for this gig so we wormed our way into the middle of the crowd ready to dance, sing and bounce away for the rest of the night. 

First up were PVRIS whose album I haven't been able to stop listening to since it's release in 2014. I've luckily already seen these guys twice this year, first at Slam Dunk Festival and then again at Leeds Festival and with an album that doesn't have one bad song, any set would be fantastic and how right was I?! Dancing and singing away to 'St Patrick' and 'My House' with my best friends was the perfect start to any night. I'm completely in love with Lynn Gunn's vocals and I'm so excited to catch them in Manchester on their next UK tour in April 2016!

These two make my world go round!
Next up was another band that I cannot stop listening to and are a band that seem to have taken over the pop punk world! NECK DEEP have had a pretty tough year with various stories arising across social media but they have taken control of the situations and continued to make everyone's music library a better place. From the sweaty circle pits to the bouncing up and down, each and every song in their set was the perfect choice - including the acoustic sound of 'Part of Me' which of course, made me cry!  I cannot fault anything from the set at all and these guys really know how to put on a performance. I unfortunately can't make their February tour but I'll be seeing these guys again in April in Leeds. 

So, after two fantastic support acts it was time to finally see BRING ME THE HORIZON to play some tracks, old and new, in front of a sold out Yorkshire crowd. After seeing these guys several times in the past few years, I have not once been disappointed in their setlist choices or performance. Since the release of their new album which seems to be a new and different direction for the band, they seem to have gotten more time on the airwaves capturing audiences old and new. 

After squeezing our way right to the front we waiting in anticipation for the band to appear on stage and when they did the whole crowd around us went wild. Opening with 'Doomed' followed by 'Happy Song' we were pushed and pulled left, right and centre into sweaty madness on the edge of the mosh pits. After a few songs we ended up pulling out to the back of the crowd so we could enjoy the rest of the set which all in all was incredible. Song to song hearing a capacity of around 3,500 individuals singing along to tracks from all of their discography was incredible. The set, the performance, the stage presence and the overall night was just incredible. 

Perfect Night
An encore of 'Blessed With A Curse' and 'Drown' saw the stage erupt with smoke machines and confetti cannons and complete my night fully. The new music may be controversial to some fans but I personally love the new album and the different sound, along with the fact that they haven't forgotten their heavy roots. This night was incredible and spent with two of the best people in my life! The best birthday eve. 

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