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So, while everyone is focusing on New Years Resolutions I'm going to look at it a bit differently. I'm not going to measure how long it took me to break the resolution, I'm going to focus on my achievements.

On the New Year's Eve of 2014 I had everything planned out for 2015. I was adamant that it was going to be the best year of my life. Unfortunately, life is a bitch and it turned out to be my worst.
I'm walking into 2016 not remembering the negatives, only focusing on my achievements. So, here are my top achievements of 2015 - be prepared for a long post!

Well, what can I say? My blog says a lot about my year to be fair. I've very much lived in 2015 - from gigs and festivals to travels and graduation, to nights with my best friends including the best birthday, Christmas and New Year. I have so much to be happy about from 2015 - here's a few of them.


I'm lucky enough to have travelled a lot in my life and have been abroad for a holiday for every year I can remember. 2015 was no different. I started my travels with a beautiful trip to Bruges in February. As a complete break away from the norms of a busy city, I couldn't help but fall in love with Bruges, the architecture, the surroundings and obviously the chocolate! My head and body didn't particularly agree with the ferry crossing - next time I'll catch a plane! 

My favourite spot in La Mata

Next up was a slight exam revision break to Spain to see some family members in April. La Mata in Spain is one of my favourite places, a quiet town with lovely beaches. Laid with my revision notes on a beach while everyone else was revising at home in the rain made me feel so much better. Much needed time and space away from everything.

where dreams come true
Next up was my big trip across the pond! Three weeks of Disney, Beaches, Gambling and Relaxing - in that order! First up was a trip to Orlando where I spent a week meeting all of my favourite Disney characters, being in my element in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and  literally living my dream. From the Magic Kingdom to nights in Hooters (yes, Hooters), from the ride on the Hogwarts Express to the safari in the Animal Kingdom, there is no where else in the world that I would rather be. I did not want to leave Orlando at all but it was on to the next adventure (I will return...soon). 

After a four hour greyhound journey, the beautiful South Beach, Miami was in view. Beautiful white sands, fantastic shopping districts, booming bars and a Five Guys restaurant, what more could you want?! I was only in Miami for a couple of days and had a bit of trouble with the hotel but all in all it is beautiful and South Beach is the most magnificent beach I have ever seen. If you like the sun and a party, Miami is the perfect destination. Next up was a flight to Las Vegas and WOW what a city! From the bright lights of the strip to the atmosphere in the casinos, Vegas is something else. I literally felt like I was in a movie walking up and down the strip and every hotel and mall is so surreal. The temperature got to the point where I couldn't even hit the pools so all of my money was spent in the casinos - I wasn't complaining though, I had a couple of wins and met some lovely people around a blackjack table. All of the excitement was built into the first two weeks, the last week was a relaxing trip to Canada which turned out to be a nightmare when the airline lost our cases. Highlights of Canada included the phenomenal scenery and exploring the forests. Overall I've had the most incredible travelling experiences in the past year and I wouldn't have changed it for the world.
South Beach, Miami
View from my room in Vegas
I fell in love with British Columbia

I'm a sucker for travelling and I already have plans to return to America in March!

I can scrub up well
Whilst I was in Canada I received my exam results from University which I was thrilled about. Shortly after arriving home it was time for the ceremony - I was so happy, my family were proud of me and I was proud of myself. I spent the day with my lovely course friends before walking the stage and collecting my 2:1 Degree in Marketing from the Hull University Business School. The throwing of the caps didn't go all that well in the rain but it was a fantastic experience that I would love to relive. 

I received my first job offer back in the April/May after assessment centres and interviews. I was so happy, a Graduate Marketing Executive role, close to home and for a huge bathroom retailer. I loved my job and the people I worked with but that time was very much short lived. Times got hard for the company and redundancies were made, unfortunately I was one of them. 

I say unfortunately, I mean fortunately. I was out of work for four weeks attending lots of interviews before I was offered my current role and I'm so happy I accepted because it is everything I'd want in the start of my career. I work with the best team, have lots of opportunities and get to work on all areas. As much as it is a 100 mile round trip every day, I wake up actually wanting to go to work and missing it when I'm not there (like now!). I wouldn't change my job for the world at the minute - a bright start to my career.

Still a little bit to go!
Well, this for me is a huge achievement. The photo shows me back in January in comparison to last week (after Christmas dinner and chocolates). I'm so much more body confident today than I ever have been and for me, that confidence means the world. In the process of losing weight I also ran my first 5K so yeah, weight loss achievement woo!

This is probably the biggest achievement ever for me. Yes, I've had a crap year - I've had my heart broken, lost my pooch, been so self concious, low and depressed. I was in a car crash and more recently suffered with a stroke. This year completely drained me yet being in hospital put everything into perspective - I was living my life to make other people happy, I was never looking at my achievements, only failures and everything I did I could have done better. 

Right now, as I write this post I'm positive - I'm looking at last year as opportunities, I'm happy with my figure and I'm PROUD of all that I have achieved - which is a lot! I know now to not count the days, but to make the days count. I've always lived by making others around me happy and doing what is best for them, It's time for Charlotte to be selfish. It's time for me to live for me and do what makes me happy no matter what anyone else thinks - this is your life, it's limited, do what you want. 

I've finally found myself and I am very optimistic for 2016 and to see what achievements will come of this year.

P.S I hope I've not bored you all to death but writing this post made me feel on top of the world - what are your achievements of 2015?!

The best friends anyone could ask for (and Buzz)!