ENTER SHIKARI, a band I've seen a ridiculous amount of times from festivals to following their tour around Scarborough, Lincoln and Scunthorpe, I've seen them play a range of different venues, some big, some small and I'm never ever disappointed.

Tonight's gig was in Manchester at the Victoria Warehouse, somewhere I'd never heard of before so I was intrigued to explore.

Armed with my best friends, we headed to the venue knowing we wouldn't be disappointed in what was to come. After already seeing tweets stating that they would cover tracks off every album this set was certainly one to be excited about. The venue itself was incredible and was exactly as described in the name - a huge warehouse with a massive stage at the front and a bar at the back.

Unfortunately we missed both support acts due to having one bathroom in the hotel with three girls and wanting some pre-show beverages! Nevertheless, we entered the warehouse and hit the bar before wriggling our way through the crowd to the front of the stage. 

Prior to the band coming out on the stage there was a sea of anticipation in the crowd and with chants of 'and still we will be here, standing like statues', the atmosphere picked up rather quickly. Opening up with 'Enter Shikari' got the crowd instantly moving before they dived in with  one of my personal favourite, 'Solidarity'.

From there on in, tracks were played from their fantastic range of albums which made me incredibly happy - I love their older music!

Mid-set Rou appeared in the centre of the crowd on a platform ready for some toned down tracks where he could purely show off his incredible vocal range. From this point we started to shuffle further into the middle of the crowd where all the action was! 

I feel too old and fragile to be fully involved in the pits nowadays but I'll happily stand, dancing away on the edge and just feel the atmosphere!

Not only were the performance and track choices top notch but all of the stage set up, graphics and lighting were all excellently executed and all of the hard work most certainly paid off. Enter Shikari never, ever fail to put on a good show.

Overall conclusion of this gig is nothing less than overwhelmed and I could just replay it over and over and over again.

Here's to hoping there's a 10 year anniversary tour of Take To The Skies next year! 

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