\ LIVE REVIEW: WHILE SHE SLEEPS @ ADELPHI HULL, 17TH MARCH 2016 - The Adventures of Charlotte


Anyone who knows Adelphi knows that it is a tiny little room on De Grey Street which has been famous for hosting the likes of Oasis and Green Day. Tonight it was the turn of Sheffield metalcore band, WHILE SHE SLEEPS.

With low handing lights and a jam packed room, it didn't take long for the sweat to be dripping off the walls during the set of ELEGIES, another Sheffield band who certainly made their mark on the Adelphi stage and made a mark in my Spotify playlist. These guys are good and have been described by Kerrang! as a mash up of The Used and While She Sleeps - perfect! 

Next up were Sleeps. It's the first time I've seen these guys headline a show, I've only ever seen them as support or at festivals (which they smashed in the tent at Leeds Fest last year) so I was looking forward to absolute carnage in my hometown. 

Playing some of my favourite tracks including 'Death Toll', 'Seven Hills' and 'Four Walls' the night was simply mental. With pits and walls of death in the smallest of spaces and with people crowdsurfing amongst low structure beams and lighting I genuinely expected a lot of injuries!

At one point Loz crowdsurfed his way to the middle of the room where he then stood on the top of a tiny table, holding onto a pillar whilst drinking the beers around him....before throwing it into the crowd and more specifically on me - hair, face, everything! I had a 13 hour flight to Los Angeles to catch straight after!

I was so impressed with the overall gig, the atmosphere, the set list and the band themselves who even took the time after the gig to hang out in the venue. These two bands are certainly ones that I would recommend you have a listen to if you like that sort of music.

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