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Spring Bath-Time Goodness With LUSH YORK!

Lush York Blogger Event

My very first blogger event and beauty post. Exciting times are ahead now that I've began to expand my blog to different areas and where better place to start than at the LUSH SPRING EVENT in their York store! 

Now, I'm being totally honest here - I'm fairly new to Lush and I don't often buy the products, it's more a case of if it comes at Christmas or Birthdays then I'll use it. This event totally changed my mindset - the products are amazing and the spring range is to die for!

I was so happy to have been invited by my blogging bestie Ashton (Beauty, Books and Babble) but I was also incredibly nervous. I'm a music blogger after all - I don't have the slightest clue about skincare and beauty! Time to broaden my horizons and this was the perfect start. 

We were welcomed by a great group of Lush girls who were all extremely friendly, polite and so enthusiastic about the products. they were all so helpful and made the night as fun-filled as it was so my first thanks are to the beautiful members of staff! 

Lush York Staff

First things first, there's always an ice-breaker and of course it was going to be product based! We were each asked to take some Fun (it does what it says on the tin) and create something inspired by Alice in Wonderland in the space of 5 minutes. Considering how much of a Disney fan I am this completely threw me but I went for simplicity with the Royal Cardsmen! Fun was very fun indeed, and it can be used for anything from shampoo to bubble bath! Everyone's creations were fantastic and we hit the ground running introducing ourselves and our blogs.

I'd already been eyeing up every product in the shop, as I mentioned before, I've never been a Lush addict like a lot of people I know are...maybe things were about to change. Our second introduction to products were the fantastic array of gift sets that are on offer for all occasions from birthdays to Easter (yes, there is an Easter Bunny gift set that I adore!). Wrapped up in bright colours I don't think there was anyone in the room that didn't want to take everything home. 

Following gift sets was a chance to mooch around the store looking at different demonstrations of new and returning products in the Spring, Easter and Mother's Day ranges. I'd never seen or experienced these products before so this was a great introduction! The Golden Egg smelt incredible and the Bunch of Carrots are just magical with three different colours forming bath-time goodness. 

After a few different demonstrations on the beautifully fresh smelling soaps and the fizzing bath bombs we were all left wanting to purchase all of the products in the store and we were given the opportunity to do that! We all wondered off in separate directions with a basket on our arms!

Again, the staff were there to help everyone and give advice on different products. For me personally I was interested in haircare for bright, dyed hair and from the advice and chance to smell the different conditioners I came home with the American Cream conditioner which smells incredible and leaves my hair feeling amazing after using it.

I felt like my night was complete after games, socialising, product demonstrations and a chance to shop but how wrong was I?! Every single blogger that attended the event were handed a goodie bag with lots of fantastic products (I'll be posting about all of the wonderful products I bought home soon!). 

So, I can happily say my first blogger event was a success and I'd like to say a huge thank you to the ladies at Lush York for a fantastic night!

Keep your eyes peeled on the blog to find out what I received in my goodie bag! 

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  1. i LOVE lush products, but I don't buy them as often as I should. Looks like you had a fab time :)

    Lilies and Lipbalm