\ SELF HELP FESTIVAL 2016 - PART ONE - The Adventures of Charlotte


This is by far the most exciting post I've written and it involves jetting off to USA and spending a day at a festival with an incredible line up in the Californian heat! Thinking about it...writing this post is pretty depressing considering I'm back in England and back at work!

Self Help Festival was announced back in October and I remember being sat at Bingo with blogger buddy, Ashton when the line-up was announced and I simply had to be there. So much that I bought a ticket with the intention of going on my own...only to be rescued by Hannah. 

When we arrived at the National Orange Show Events Centre in San Bernardino, the queues were big and there was a lot of excitement in the crowd...the quicker we could get in the better. The second we got into the venue there were thousands of people, lots of merch tents and a big red stage at the other end. Of course we had our priorities right, we headed straight to the bar for a cocktail! 

The Schedule
The first act of the day were ONE OK ROCK who we caught a bit of while we were in the queue for drinks. I've never really listened to them and we didn't really catch enough of them for me to be able to judge them but they sounded good and I'd go see them again if they were at a UK festival. 

Next up was THY ART IS MURDER. I saw this band at Slam Dunk Festival in 2015 and I really enjoyed them and it was the same situation this year. Their seven song setlist opened with 'Absolute Genocide' and closed with 'Holy War' with a mix of tracks in between. The heaviness had officially started. 

A venue with a bit of a difference.
CROWN THE EMPIRE are a band that I've never had the chance to see live and I was really looking forward to their set and was certainly not left disappointed. The metalcore band again only had seven tracks to play but for my first time seeing them perform I was more than happy. If you haven't listened to them make sure you check them out! 

Next up was a band that I was stupidly excited about - ISSUES. I've seen them a few times and I cannot get enough of their music. Their set literally had all of my favourite tracks such as 'Life Of A Nine' and 'Never Lose Your Flames' including a couple of new songs however I was pretty unimpressed at the end. The band decided to ask the crowd what song they wanted to be the final song and they chose 'Hooligans' over 'Mad At Myself'. Don't get me wrong, I love 'Hooligans' but 'Mad At Myself' is one of my absolute favourites and was the soundtrack to my 2015! Other than that they are one of my favourites and I'll be catching them again at Slam Dunk Festival in May. 

I've never really listened to YELAWOLF but we decided to grab food through their set and sit by the pond in the sun. Personally I don't get impressed by the hip hop genre so I didn't particularly enjoy the set but that is just personal taste - after all, Travis Barker was drumming throughout the set which was enjoyable!

The final band of this post (there will be another post coming soon) was another one of my favourites, AUGUST BURNS RED. I was meant to see these guys at Leeds Cockpit (R.I.P) back in 2014 but unfortunately couldn't make the gig, gutted was an understatement so I was super excited to see them across the pond! The crowd were certainly ready for ABR and that showed when the band opened up with 'Martyr'. Even more excitement came during 'Ghosts' when Jeremy McKinnon of A Day To Remember joined the band on stage and as my favourite ABR track I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of seeing it played live with Jeremy. 

August Burns Red
So, the first half of the festival was done - we ate churros, burgers and bought some merch and had already caught the sun! 

Keep your eyes peeled for part two of my Self Help Festival antics which will be coming soon! 

Sun, your best friend and amazing music! What more could you want?!

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