\ HOTEL REVIEW: PREMIER INN, LONDON COUNTY HALL // MAY 2016 - The Adventures of Charlotte


What can make a good trip to London better than just sights, culture and football? A good hotel in a fabulous location obviously and this one was spot on...a stones throw from the iconic London Eye and Waterloo Station.

The PREMIER INN, LONDON COUNTY HALL is a beautiful historic building if you're into the architecture side of things which is completely different to the modern interior.
Upon arrival we were directed to self service check in machines (we had already checked in online via an earlier email). With an entry of the a surname the screen automatically brought up all of the details of the stay and then magically the keys were dispensed from the machine - how cool is that?! Quick and simple! There were staff there to help us along the way but this just makes check -in so much easier, especially with queues. Oh, and the reception had a Costa stand. Winner.

Upon entering the room I was shocked at the size. My assumption was that these central hotels would be small to make extra money but the rooms were so spacious, complete with to big double beds, a tv, large dresser and a work desk.

The bathroom was spacious with good lighting and a shower bath. Most importantly the room was clean and had a much needed fan - my goodness this room got warm and I was thankful for the small draft maker on the desk!

Admittedly we didn't have much of a view but you're no there to stare out of the window all day - you need to get out and explore London! There was a good view from the hall though.

london eye premier inn

Situated 5/10 minutes away from Westminster and the Big Ben you couldn't choose a better location to stay if you're wanting to see all of the main attractions as well as easily commutable being 2 minutes from Waterloo station.

Overall, for a whopping value of £69 (saver, none flexible) I had no complaints at all. There were dining options but we opted for eating out on the night. These rates might not be available all year round but for a Friday night we couldn't get much better elsewhere!

Cleanliness *****
Location *****
Facilities ****
Service ****

Check out the hotel on the PREMIER INN website, here.

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