\ SELF HELP FESTIVAL 2016: PART TWO - The Adventures of Charlotte


So, if you've read part one you will already know about the first few bands of the day, now it's time for part two, better late than never ehh?!

Picking up where we left off, after tasty food and some more time laid in the sun by the fountain it was time for the next round of bands, starting with A STORY SO FAR who brought the pop punk madness to the NOS Events Centre. I enjoyed watching these guys from behind the crowd and I also enjoyed a good dance to 'Quicksand'. The set was good and they built the atmosphere in the audience well. After a lot of sun this was the band I chose to chill out for so I just enjoyed the music and the setting whilst waiting for the next band.


After missing THE WONDER YEARS when they supported Enter Shikari I was super excited to finally catch them at this festival. 

Opening with 'I Don't Like Who I Was Then', pop punk madness continued from the previous band all the way through their set including seeing 'Passing Through The Screen Door' live - one of my favourites from the band.  Jason Butler of Letlive came onto the stage to join the band for 'Stained Glass Ceilings' and it was awesome. They then ended the set with 'Came Out Swinging'. My final verdict of this band live is nothing less than impressed. I love them and I cannot wait to see these guys again soon.


A highly anticipated appearance was that from UNDEROATH. A band that played their 'last ever gig' in 2013 were back and boy I was impressed. I'd never been lucky enough to see these guys before and I know one of my friend jetted off to the final show on his own to catch them so I thought that they must have been worth it and oh my they were. Apart from pretty much getting knocked out at the beginning of the set I really enjoyed listening to the tracks I've only ever heard through the albums, live. 

Their 12-song setlist was impressive and featured a lot of tracks off their album 'The Best of Underoath' including my own favourites, 'Reinventing Your Exit' and 'Writing On The Walls'. They announced that they were back so it will be interesting if they come back to the UK sometime soon. I'd go see them again should they tour.

Now, for the main event. Another A DAY TO REMEMBER show. I've seen these guys a countless number of times and I have never, ever been disappointed. They are the band that keep me sane and get me through my days whether that's when I'm commuting to work, out running or just chilling around the house. 

If the crowd wasn't rowdy enough for Underoath they certainly were now. With the usual pyrotechnics, beach balls and toilet paper the band blasted out a 90-minute set full of old hits starting with 'Downfall of Us All' and of course the first live hearing of  'Paranoia' which will be on their new album, 'Bad Vibrations'. The crowd across in the states are ridiculous and the pits are a whole new level to the ones we see in the UK, I was genuinely fearing for my life. Crazy.


Thrown in with a mix of tracks across all albums was a cover of Lit's 'My Own Worst Enemy' which was incredible to hear being performed by them as well as a sing-a-long from the crowd. I couldn't get through this set without crying a little. 'Have Faith In Me' is my all time favourite track. It speaks volumes to me, I've even got the title tattooed! Just everything about the whole set was perfect and I couldn't have been in a happier place. 

As always, they ended their set with a confetti cannon during 'All I Want' and drew the set to a close with 'A Plot To Bomb The Panhandle' complete with an impressive firework display.


What a way to begin my travels. Just an incredible experience attending a festival across the other side of the world. 100% something that has just been ticked off my bucket list. 

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