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I'm all for new music and I love getting introduced to new bands. This week's feature are a combination of raw alternative rock mixed with with hypnotising riffs from Reading, England. 

As soon as I listened to these guys I knew straight away that they would be perfect for any fans of System Of A Down. Other influences and sounds of the band include: Soundgarden, Clutch, The Melvins and Alice in Chains. They instantly reminded me of SOAD but their music isn't just one level, every track appears to be different, all in good ways which really shows off the musical talents of the band members. Each and every song that I listened to had me attached at the riffs and vocals, I enjoy how interesting hearing one tack then the next one being a total surprise to my ears. 

Their latest release, 'Patrick' is a killer. With an instant slam into all out guitars and drums followed by an unusual,but fantastic vocal arrangement the track starts pretty heavy and only gets heavier. Just how I personally like my music! This track however is completely different to anything I've come across before just because it is such a mash up of heavy instruments and melodic vocals all at once, defining Kamikaze Test Pilots and their uniqueness. 

Make sure you check out these guys on their social channels. I'll be sure to catch them when they tour near my area but you can check out their other tour dates below, with more to be announced in the near future (follow these guys on social to be kept up to date!). 

Readipop Festival / 8th July / Reading

The Hobbit / 20th August / Southampton, UK

Global Cafe / 26th August / Reading, UK

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