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Ahh, THE WONDER YEARS. I last saw these guys back in March at Self Help Festival (you can read that post here) and I absolutely loved them and this night, the only difference was that it wasn't in an outdoor festival, it was a small sweaty room in Leeds!

Key Club has been home to a few gigs both for local bands and big names too. Tonight was the turn of The Wonder Years and they certainly tore the place apart.

This band haven't done a headline tour in the UK for a very, very long time. They supported Enter Shikari back in February of this year but haven't done anything of their own. This was a time for tiny intimate tour at only four locations including London, Swansea, Leeds and Glasgow. First and foremost I was completely grateful that I was lucky enough to get a ticket to the Leeds show - it sold out within 45 minutes of the tickets being on sale!

Rachel and myself got to the venue just in time - the band came on stage 10 minutes before the scheduled set time - gutting for those that hadn't made it to the venue. Regardless, the second the band walked onto the tiny stage the packed crowd surged forward, beginning to jump and dance around to 'Brothers &' followed by 'Cardinals'.

To say the band don't play the UK often, their set was super long. I saw Slaves (US) in the same venue a few weeks prior and they played  7 tracks so I was delighted with a crammed set-list of 19 songs to fill my night.

Playing tracks from their old and newer discography The Wonder Years proceeded to play some of my favourite tracks such as 'I Don't Like Who I Was Then',  'Passing Through The Screen Door' and 'I Just Want To Sell Out My Funeral' (yes, apparently my favorites are all of the tracks with the ridiculously long titles).

As the set went on the room began to get more and more sweaty complete with crowd surfers diving off the side of the stage through the energetic crowd. I avoided the sweaty look for the night and enjoyed my view from the bar!

I was pretty gutted that this lengthy set was coming to a close when the band went offstage. They re-appeared with a two-track encore starting with 'Me Vs. The Highway' and ending an amazing set with 'Came Out Swinging'.

These guys are incredible live, both in engagement and performance if you get chance to see them, don't hesitate - they're flawless!

Check them out here: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify | iTunes | Website

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