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On The Beach Essentials

It’s been a while since I’ve done a dedicated beach holiday and I ALWAYS forget to put something in my beach bag and this holiday has been exactly the same (note to self: find or write a blog post about beach essentials before you actually travel).

So, as I’m laid in the sun in Cyprus I thought I’d do a post for you guys as well as a reminder for my next holiday – beach essentials in your suitcase should be your first port of packing as I now know.

This is the item I actually left at home d’oh. My friend and colleague introduced me to this device which she found on Amazon (http://amzn.to/2dvSPhB) and it’s great! It is available on prime so you can get it in a hurry if you needed it urgently. So, it’s around £9 but would you rather pay £9 now or much more than that to pay for water damage on your nice smartphone?! To me this is essential even if you don’t intend on going in the water, kids running around the pool or beach, splashing their wetness may just happen to be little too close for comfort for your device!

These thing are fantastic and can be bought in many different forms. My favourite, especially for the beach is the sun cream bottle, fits in well given the location and no one would suspect a thing. You can get these things pretty cheap on eBay and they are the perfect way to stash a medium sized phone, cash and keys if you wanted to go in the sea or doze off for a while. Obviously it’s important to keep your belongings near you and keep your eyes on them at all times but at least this may give you a little bit of extra security and peace of mind.

Whether you’re male or female with a decent amount of hair, bobbles are a must! There’s nothing worse than having sea-salt and sand filled locks after a day at the beach. There’s also nothing worse than tasting the sea-salt, sand filled locks when you accidently eat your own hair in the wind (just me?). This is why bobbles are essential to me by the beach. Keeping your hair tied back will also help you get a good, even tan on your neck and shoulders, I’ve failed and had hair tan lines in the past – it’s not a good look, trust me.

Obvious one here. Of course you’re going to need a beach towel. Your hotel may actually provide you with one but then again you may want one to match your bikini or show off your personality, who knows?! Packing a beach towel is essential, especially if your hotel towel gets wet and doesn’t dry in time for the trip the next morning. Make sure it’s big enough for you to lay out on the sun loungers and make sure it doesn’t blow away if you’re somewhere windy! Keep your bag and flip flops on the corners to avoid an unattractive Baywatch attempt down the beach chasing a towel.

Hopefully if you’re on the beach then it will be sunny (unlike a cloudy day in Cyprus where we did nothing but nag for the sun to come back out). Packing your sunglasses is essential if you actually want to see anything while you’re on the beach. Glaring sunlight is bad enough any day but it’s even worse when it reflects off water. Be sure not to fall asleep wearing them though – sunglasses tan lines are 100% not attractive abroad, or back at home.
Coral Bay, Cyprus
Credit: Ashton @ Beauty, Books and Babble
Some of you guys may have different ideas of hobbies and things you like to do at the beach. One piece of advice would be to take a book. Beach days can be long days (especially if you have a partner who just wants to tan or kids that never want to leave). A good book will keep your mind working as well as passing the time – I can get very lost in a good book. Remember to keep it dry though, soggy pages in any book or magazine is not the one.

100% one of the most essential things to pack not just to the beach but anywhere on any given day! Obviously by the blog you can tell that I’m huge on my music and I don’t go a day without listening to something or talking about it to my friends. Earphones are great for the beach, you can zone out listening to your favourite tracks and block out screaming kids and annoying groups! Remember not to leave your phone or music device in the direct sunlight – overheating isn’t fun to deal with.

Ahh, the thing that everyone hates spending. Unfortunately, if you’re somewhere hot it’s important to keep hydrated and if you don’t have quick access to your hotel room from the beach you’re going to need to buy beverages from a local bar or shop. There’s not only drinks to think about, beach days are usually full days which means you will need to grab some lunch and most certainly an ice cream to snack on. I wouldn’t advise taking lots of cash out with you but certainly enough to get you through the day!

Again, another obvious one. If you’re having beach day you’re probably somewhere hot so a hoodie and jeans will not be appropriate. Something summer proof like shorts and a vest or a nice beach cover up will always go down well. If you’re wanting to tan and/or go in the water, then a bikini or swimsuit would be suitable for us girls. If you’re a guy, please opt for some good beach shorts and avoid speedos or even worse, attempting to go in the sea in your boxers (that walk out of the water will not be a pretty sight). Don’t forget footwear too, I normally hate flip flops but there’s nothing worse than fighting to get wet sand off your feet trying to put socks and trainers back on! So yeah, think about what you’re wearing before you venture out there.

As an individual who is part of team lobster I 100% recommend sun cream. I’m a girl who still fries on factor 50, fair skin is not good for trying to get your body glowing. But please, please, please where sun cream when you’re on the beach or in the sun at any point for that matter and always finish the day lathering your body in after sun (this is better when it’s been in the fridge all day, cruel but it works). I know you probably think that you would tan better without protection but the consequences really are not worth it so make this your number one priority. Even if it is only factor two like my good friend Ashton from Beauty, Books and Babble!

So, there you have it. My top 10 on the beach essentials that I think you need for a sunny day at the beach. What else would you class as an essential?

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