\ LIVE REVIEW: TWIN ATLANTIC @ LEEDS BECKETT SU // 15TH OCTOBER 2016 - The Adventures of Charlotte


Ahh, I love Twin Atlantic.

My favourite Scottish band were back on the road again supporting their latest album, GLA. Every time I've seen these guys I've cried, happy/emotional crying though - not because they were bad, because they are incredible live and their lyrics speak volumes to me!

Rachel and myself actually saw these guys perform a small set at Headrow House last month along with meeting them afterwards (they're all so lovely!). You may have caught them on Later With Jools Holland last month where they played a set of three songs - such an incredible achievement to be on such a show.

We were pretty pumped for tonight, I've never been disappointed with these guys when it comes to seeing them perform live, just everything about them is flawless when it comes to their music and live performance.

Rachel and myself are normally prone to missing all the support bands while we're getting ready but luckily this time around we caught PULLED APART BY HORSES who brought the heaviness to the stage, energizing the crowd before the main event. Their seven song setlist kicked off with 'V.E.N.O.M.' before playing the likes of 'Hotel Motivation', 'Lizard Baby' and 'The Haze' before ending their set with 'High Five, Swan Drive, Nose Dive'.

By the time it came to the end of their set, Leeds Beckett SU was packed full of people, luckily we managed to get a good spot on the side balcony, it was busy but we had a perfect view of the stage and the floor.

I don't know whether it's just me but when you're so excited about a gig the waiting times between sets seem to be far too long and tonight was the same situation. Despite this, the lights dimmed and TWIN ATLANTIC were out on the stage before we knew it opening up with 'Gold Elephant:Cherry Alligator'. From there we were given hit after hit from their discography including one of my personal favourites 'Edit Me' as well as 'Fall Into The Party'

The crowd on the floor were energetic, as were those on the side and top balconies. The thing about Twin Atlantic is that the music is incredible, it is performed flawlessly and the tracks are perfect to have a good sing along to (apologies if you follow my snapchat for this precise reason). 

The next couple of tracks allowed Rachel and myself (and the lovely girl next to us who was with her boyfriend) to drool over Sam's Glaswegian accent where 'Mothertongue' and 'Crash Land' (instant tears) were performed acoustically.  Just a few minutes of flawless perfection that honestly made my entire night. 

Twin Atlantic aren't a band to perform encores so they continued their 18 song strong set list with 'Hold On', 'Heart and Soul' and 'Brothers & Sisters' before ending their incredible set with 'No Sleep'. Literally so gutted that the gig was over before we knew it. I could literally watch these guys night after night.

If you haven't seen Twin Atlantic before, they are 100% worth a watch. If you enjoy their tracks you certainly won't be disappointed by their live performance. 

And if you haven't heard their music you can check them out here on Spotify or Apple Music.

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