Before I even begin writing this post I just want to say that this has to be one of the most powerful and emotional gigs that I have ever attended and there is a chance I may shed a tear whilst writing this post.

I'm pretty sure you all know about the passing of guitarist and lyricist, Tom Searle back in August. The world truly proved it is an awful place and the fact that ARCHITECTS were on tour and stepping on the stage again is nothing short of phenomenal.

Opening up the night were Californian hardcore band, STICK TO YOUR GUNS who instantly brought the energy and heaviness to the room. Opening up with 'Nobody' from their 2015 album, Disobedient the crowd were instantly pitting and jumping up and down. The openers had 9 tracks to get the crowd pumped and that was exactly what they did, playing tracks from across their post 2010 discography including 'Universal Language' from this years release, Better Ash Than Dust.


Next to take to the stage were BURY TOMORROW. These guys released a new album earlier this year but are still yet to go out on a headline tour (Roll on 2017). Opening up with 'Man On Fire' from 2014s Runes, the crowd were immediately engaged singing away (including me, I love Bury Tomorrow). Following on from the opening track the band performed a few numbers from 2016s incredible Earthbound including 'Memories', 'Cemetery' (which they've just relaesed a very cool, wet video for), '301' and 'Last Light' which were all well known by the crowd. Of course the band couldn't forget their 2012 album, The Union Of Crowns. This was the album that took them to the next level after Portraits. This was the album that saw Bury Tomorrow get bigger and after seeing them in tiny Manchester Academy 3 back in 2013 it was the album that blew me away and formed my love! All tracks off that album are fantastic but they chose to play 'Lionheart' and 'An Honourable Reign' which the crowd loved. After completing their set with 'Earthbound' the only thing I could have wished for would have been a longer set!


It was time to get all emotional and sing our hearts out when ARCHITECTS took to the stage. So, if you haven't heard of these guys they are a metalcore piece from Brighton, England and not going to beat around the bush, they are fantastic. 

Opening up with 'Nihilist' the pits in the centre of the crowd erupted with the screams of "All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us". Following was 'Deathwish' from that very album before moving onto 'These Colours Don't Run' from 2013s Daybreaker. AS well as playing many tracks of the latest two albums, Architects also took the set back to 2009 with Hollow Crown, playing both 'Early Grave' and a reprise of 'Follow The Water'. Fast-forwarding to 2014s Lost Forever // Lost Together, five tracks were performed flawlessly including 'Dead Man Talking', 'Colony Collapse', 'Broken Cross', 'Grave Digger' and of course, 'Naysayer'. The remainder of the set was filled in with tracks from the latest album (which is possibly my album of the year). 

Just before Architects performed the encore, Sam took the time to thank the crowd for all of the support to which the response was a sold out crowd of 2,500 people chanting Tom Searle's name which led to emotions running high both on stage and off, I cried, not going to lie. The two track encore started with 'A Match Made In Heaven' and ended with 'Gone With The Wind', another set that felt like it ended too quickly.


I honestly do not know how they had the strength to perform the full set and do it so flawlessly, I think the whole music industry are immensely proud of these guys, Tom too. I know everyone in Manchester Academy were and are. 

The future of Architects is unclear at the minute and has been admitted by the band themselves but for now they continue to prepare for a headline tour of North America before playing many festivals around the world next summer including Reading and :Leeds here in the UK. Don't miss out on the opportunity to see them. 

Update: I only had a little cry.

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