I've seen Bring Me The Horizon a fair few times, most noticeably their first headline arena-gig at Wembley back in 2014 but tonight was even more special, a headliner at a 13,500 capacity arena in their home town. It was guaranteed to be incredible.

First support on the bill was a band called BASEMENT. I'd heard of the band but not really had a good listen before today. Hailing from Ipswich, UK the rock band entered the stage opening up with 'Whole' before following through with an impressive eight more tracks from their two recent albums including the popular 'Promise Everything' and 'Covet' as well as 'Earl Grey' from 2011's 'I Wish I Could Stay Here'. The crowd seemed to enjoy the set and it was something a little different to what I normally listen to on a personal level.


Next up were DON BROCO, a support I personally couldn't have been happier about. If you've read my reviews from what times like the million times that I've seen these guys you'll know that they are always energetic and flawless whenever they perform live. The opening lines of 'Everybody' instantly sent those who knew of Don Broco into an eruption of screaming and dancing. Their set then continued with a mix of tracks from both 'Automatic' and 'Priorities' including one of my personal favorites 'What Do You Do To Me' and 'Fire' before completing their set with 'Money Power Fame' (not going to lie, I was gutted that they didn't play 'Thug Workout'). The crowd including myself were pumped for the headlining act after singing and dancing away to Donny-B, next up were BRING ME THE HORIZON.


Soon enough the lights dimmed and the opening beats of 'Happy Song' took over the arena before the lights of the incredible stage production lit up the room. Like honestly, I don't think I've every seen anything like it and I've been to a hell of a lot of gigs. The stage consisted of huge HD screens that curved fully around the stage which showed a mix of the band during the performance as well as incredible graphics consisting of visual effects and lyrics throughout the performance. My jaw was literally on the floor in amazement the whole time.


From previous occasions seeing this band live I genuinely thought that they couldn't get better but they completely blew me away yet again and the visuals only added to how epic each song sounded as it echoed through the arena. Straight from 'Happy Song' the band broke into 'Go To Hell, For Heaven's Sake' before continuing their set with tracks from 2015's incredible That's The Spirit and 2013's Sempiternal.


Nothing sounded better than hearing thousands of people sing back 'This Is Sempiternal' at the top of their lungs during 'Shadow Moses' before the band broke into their older and much heavier track, 'Chesea Smile', from 2008's Suicide Season. A track I was more than happy to hear, and it turned out that not as many people stood around us knew this one. As much as I love the new material, their pre-2013 tracks will always hold a place in my heart, I was ever so slightly disappointed that 'It Never Ends' didn't get included to be honest. No other older tracks were played throughout the set leaving a sense that the band are completely drifting away from their older, heavier self.


This might be a little complaint but it's not much of one, I don't think anyone could complain at that performance to be honest. 'Doomed' was just another level of incredible along with every other track performed. It was one of those gigs that you never want to end and unfortunately, after 12 tracks it was time for the encore.

With 'True Friends', 'Oh No' and 'Drown' making up the final three tracks, I don't think the crowd could have been happier. Particularly 'Oh No' gave us a chance to have a bit of a dance before what feels like an anthem, 'Drown', brought the night to a close.

After a huge surge of different emotions throughout the set the night was over. These guys are ready to headline a festival without a doubt and hopefully that will be sooner rather than later. 

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