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Brighton's pop punk fivesome are about to release their second studio album and it's everything in your pop punk dreams...just minus the pizza (if you have pizza by your side then I just envy you)

AS IT IS will be releasing Okay tomorrow (Friday 20th January 2017) on Fearless Records, following up from 2015s debut album, Never Happy, Ever After and it's already set to be a scorcher of an album after several tracks have already been released through a variety of different channels such as BBC Radio 1, Facebook and Spotify as well as a few other platforms. 

AS_IT_IS_OKAYThese 7 tracks have already been a massive hit with their dedicated fan base who are anticipating an album that follows the rest of the tracks, which is exactly what they will be receiving from Patty Walters and co. 

In an honest admittance, I'd not listened to the band before I received this album and my only question to myself is why?! It's pretty much everything I love about pop-punk. It's catchy with lyrics that are relatable and a sound that is so addictive and dance-worthy. 

Opening track, 'Pretty Little Distance' is fun, catchy and most certainly worth a sing-a-long for all three minutes! Following the opener is title track, 'Okay' which the opening few seconds just instantly reel you in further. The mix of Patty and Ben's vocals throughout the track really do compliment each other and it literally is like heaven on the ears! 

Putting insecurities on the line, entering a new, darker territory of honest and transparent lyrics, As It Is have really excelled with the dreaded leap away from a debut album. 'Curtains Close' is a bit of a slower track which really hits home with emotions, likewise with 'No Way Out' which is much faster in pace with vocals being that slightly more aggressive. 

'Until I Return' and 'The Coast is Where Home Is' allows the album to continue in typical, bouncy, pop punk fashion with lyrics going from "I promise I'll fight but I can't promise that I'll be fine" in 'Until I Return' all the way to discussing the closure of a venue in which they first played and said "and with it went a piece of me" before stating "if nothing else I have the sea" which really touches in terms of hometown love and how the times change and things that people care a lot about still disappear.

The final track on the album is 'Still Remembering' which is a much slower sound of lost love which I'm sure many of us have been through so the relatable level is off the scale. I'm not going to lie, I may have teared up a little listening deeply to this track and you might too.....I've warned you!


Overall opinions on this album is that it is one of the strongest pop-punk albums that I've listened to for a fair bit and it might have connected myself with a new band to love. Everything from the vocals to the instruments flow so well track-through-track generating eleven tracks that you will not want to skip.

Make sure you get a copy of  Okay.....okay?!


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