After they had to miss their Slam Dunk set back in May 2016 the band had announced a bunch of farewell shows including one in particular in Leeds where Ocean Avenue was to be played in full for one last time. 
I'd never seen YELLOWCARD before so I was a bit gutted that this would be my first and last time seeing these guys, especially because of how good their music actually is. 

After going to meet Dom from work we had a pint and trekked up to the venue just in time for Yellowcard's set and the room was already crammed and there wasn't many spaces left with a great view. We managed to get down the left hand side of the room just so we could see the stage and eventually the band when they made an appearance. 

Obviously we all knew that Ocean Avenue was being played in full and that's exactly what they did, opening up with 'Way Away' which instantly got the crowd moving. Prior to the opening track there was an introduction with a message basically telling everyone not to record or have their phones out and just to enjoy the show - I enjoy a show but it's difficult for me to entertain you guys without keeping you updated on snapchat or without having photos on my blog posts! 

Back to the music and the set continued with 'Breathing' before the band burst into the popular title track, 'Ocean Avenue', explaining that it's one of the tracks that they play at the end of a set but as it was an album run they felt like they should play it track by track which for me was fine because I was there singing my heart out from the off and so was everyone else around us. 

Song after song everything about the performance was just perfect and when they got to 'View From Heaven' I'm pretty sure they have 85% of the people in the room with a tear in their eyes, me included. It was such a beautiful rendition and not only this track but throughout the set, Sean Mackin absolutely blew me away with his violin instrumentals. A sound I'm not used to hearing at a show like this but one that fitted in oh so perfectly.  

Throughout the performance, Ryan Key's vocals were absolutely flawless and made me genuinely feel sad that this was the end of the road for Yellowcard, The final two tracks of the album, 'One Year, Six Months' and 'Back Home' were the pinnacle of the set hearing a sold out crowd sing back to the band that had obviously touched so many. 

After the final track Ryan exclaimed that that wasn't the end of the night and they weren't going to leave without playing some of their other hit tracks which is what the encore was then made up of. The four track encore consisted of 'Light Up the Sky', 'Awakening' and 'Gifts and Curses' before finishing off with one of my personal favourites, 'Lights and Sounds'. The set seemed to have passed so quickly and when the band thanked the crowd and exited the stage, it was truly the last goodbye (for me anyway, some of these fans were going to a couple more UK dates and heading onto their European tour afterwards). 

Normally at the end of a post I tell you to make sure you check them out or catch them on their tour but this was one last goodbye and it was almost (I mean almost) as emotional as it was saying goodbye to Funeral For a Friend back in April. I'll still leave you with their links but unfortunately if you hadn't seen these guys then you have most certainly missed out. Here's to hoping they'll do a reunion at some point.


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