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As many of you probably know, A DAY TO REMEMBER are my favourite band to ever walk this planet. I've seen them countless times in the UK and I was even lucky enough to head over to California for Self Help Festival back in 2016. This time round it was a headline tour and I was pumped that I was seeing them on two consecutive nights.

Obviously supports and setlists were the same so rather than repeating myself on two blog posts I'll cover both nights all in one!
So first and foremost, let's discuss the separate nights. Night one was spent with Alex as SSE Wembley Arena and night two was spent at Leeds First Direct Arena with Rach, Gary and the boys - perfect couple of nights with the best company!

Leeds Squad

Now, onto the bands.

This line up was mega and I was so stoked for every band on the line up each night. Opening act, MOOSE BLOOD are a fairly new band, grouping together in Canterbury, England back in 2012 and, after releasing their latest album, 2016s Blush.

I missed quite a bit of their set at the Wembley show but I luckily caught it in Leeds because they were incredible. Usually arenas tend to be a little too big for the support bands, let alone opening acts but Moose Blood honestly tore the roof off with their performance. The set opened up with 'Honey' before flowing through their set playing tracks such as 'Boston' and 'Swim Down'. After six tracks beat rose for 'Bukowski' before coming to an end with 'Knuckles'. It was energetic, catchy and they just completely smashed their performance - I can't wait to see these guys again at Download later this year.

Love this shot I got of Moose Blood!

Next up were a personal favourite, NECK DEEP. Again, Neck Deep are a band I've seen soooo many times and I've loved every occasion. Their set compromised of eight tracks, mainly from 2016s Life's Not Out To Get You.

I'm not going to lie, the sound wasn't great for these guys at the SSE but they sounded much better in Leeds. All eight songs played were my absolute favourites so I couldn't have been happier in that sense and I was left singing and dancing away from their opening track of 'Gold Steps' before blasting their way through 'Lime St.', 'Kali Ma', 'Serpents' and 'Rock Bottom' before slowing things down for 'A Part Of Me' which saw phone lights rise from the crowd and maybe a slight tear from myself and Rachel. The final two track lifted the best right back up again with the up-tempo version of 'December' before finishing their set with 'Can't Kick Up The Roots'. I was slightly disappointed that Jeremy McKinnon didn't make a brief appearance during his little cameo in 'Kali Ma' even though Ben got the crowd excited on both nights by saying "Jeremy McKinnon everybody" right before his part. Following the track he then laughed "I can't believe you all thought Jeremy was going to come out" - of course we were, you're supporting his band, he's in the bloody building! You can catch these guys playing Slam Dunk Festival this year!

Neck Deep

Following Neck Deep were a band with a lot more years behind their belts. NEW FOUND GLORY turn 20 this year and while on stage they also announced a bunch of UK tour dates in which they will be performing all of their past albums on different dates. 

Their set consisted of 11 of their top tracks including 'All Downhill From Here', 'Hit or Miss', 'Vicious Love' and 'My Friend Over You' as well as their famous cover of 'Kiss Me'. I'm going to be brutally honest with these guys though, they really disappointed me. I've always loved their studio albums and never got round to seeing them live until now and all I can say is that the unclear vocals just ruined the experience for me. I'm not normally one to slate bands but I think these guys are pretty much past it. Out of both nights I thought they sounded better at Wembley. Each to their own though, I know a lot of the crowd on both nights loved it. 

New Found Glory

After that disappointment I knew that A DAY TO REMEMBER, the self-acclaimed 'heaviest pop punk band in the world' would lift me right back up again and I wasn't wrong. I cried happy tears - sad I know, but the following 20 tracks would be utter perfection. 

The stage was build with huge screens, speakers and a drum riser making the set look as good as expectations. The second the boys hit the stage on both nights, the crowd were instantly engaged, cheers and screams erupting ready for the next 90 minutes. 

Opening up with 'Mr Highway's Thinking About The End' I literally could't contain my excitement (yes, on both nights). The pits opened up and the call of "Disrespect Your Surroundings" echoed through both arenas in an enthusiastic and powerful chorus of attendees. From there they broke into the first single they released from their latest album, Bad Vibrations and 'Paranoia' went down a treat with both crowds before flowing into fan-favourites from a range of their discography with tracks such as '2nd Sucks', 'Right Back at It Again' and 'I'm Made Of Wax Larry, What Are You Made Of?'

A Day To Remember

After seeing A Day To Remember on every UK tour since 2009 it's clear to see that they've stepped up to mark for this headline arena tour. They don't just perform their tracks, they make it a full, fun night of entertainment from the pop-punk lyrics all the way through the the metal-like riffs and powerful breakdowns. 
oh Kevin...

It wouldn't be an A Day To Remember show without the fun-factor of flying toilet rolls, beach balls and inflatable animals,smoke cannons, t-shirt cannon-firing roadie who came as WWE Superstar, Stone Cold Steve Austin and of course, all the confetti. 

Inflatable Animals and Beach Balls!

The set consisted of tracks from the majority of their discography including a few tracks from my favourite album, 2007s For Those Who Have A Heart - it is 10 years from the release date after all! The crowd welcomes tracks such as 'Fast Forward To 2012' and 'The Plot To Bomb The Panhandle' and chants of "Yorkshire" echoed the arena at Leeds (I must admit, Leeds was a much better atmosphere than Wembley, must be us Northerners creating a party).

It was no surprise how well the fans would react to the latest album, 'Bad Vibrations' generated a heavy round of pits whilst 'We Got This' had emotions running high and 'Naivety' had everyone in the room dancing away to the catchy chorus. Other notable tracks were 'Homesick', 'My Life For Hire' of cause, my favourite, 'Have Faith In Me' where I cried only a little bit. Sadly, the bigger the venue meant that there was no hamster ball Jeremy rolling through the crowd for 'Homesick' - sad face.

The sets flew by and before long the band had dispersed off the stage before returning for their three-track encore. Kevin and Jeremy emerged on the stage for a beautiful opening of 'If It Means A Lot To You', yes, I cried again at this one. The final two tracks demonstrated their heaviness and pure skill in writing pop punk anthems in 'All Signs Point To Lauderdale' before ending on an absolute banger of 'Downfall Of Us All'.
A Day To Remember

Both Wembley and Leeds were incredible, I wish I'd have had the funds to follow the tour further into Europe but on this occasion I had to settle with two which honestly just left me with withdrawals since (yes, it's now February and I'm still not over it). I'm going to sound mega cheesy here but for everyone that saw these guys, they really did make it A Day To Remember.....ta dah! 

Surely it can't be long before they headline a festival right?! If you missed it they are the supporting slot for Biffy Clyro at this years Download Festival so make sure you don't miss it - next time headliners fo'sure. 

Did you catch these guys on tour? What did you make of them? Let me know in the comments!

You can check out the bands from this line up through the links below: 

Spotify | iTunes | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Spotify | iTunes | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Spotify | iTunes | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Spotify | iTunes | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

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