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For those of you who caught my previous post, you will have read that I am wanting to branch away from being a full Music and Travel blog - I'll still be writing about both but I think it's time to spread my wings and where better place to start than tattoo talk?
Sooooo, tattoos. It seems to be becoming the 'in thing' at the minute and I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. Nevertheless, I'm happy that artists are getting recognised and their workload is upping, however, one thing that really bugs me is when people go into the shop and point out a design from photograph book, or take an Instagram photo and get an exact copy of someone else's. Tattoos should be original and be personal to you. Each tattoo should hold a lot of thought and first and foremost, you must be 100% with what you want and where you want it, after all, they are there for life. I'm all for Flash Sheets though, these guys are artists and they have the most incredible talents. 

Now, on to my own works of art! I've only got four tattoos at the minute but they all mean a lot to me, let me walk you through my tattoo journey in order that I got them:


Location: Upper Right Thigh (Side)
When?: August 2014
Artist: Tasha Wild, Ultimate Skin, Leeds

Yes, begin the stereotypical 'all girls want dream-catcher tattoos' line.

This was my very first tattoo and it's also my largest. I honestly spent so much time designing this piece (mainly during boring lectures at University) and I spent around six months on the waiting list with my tattooist adding features, then rubbing them out again until I was finally happy. The day finally arrived and I was bricking it - so many people told me how much they hurt and to my surprise, it didn't hurt one bit! 

The design is a standard dream-catcher which features the circle of life and lyrics to my all time favourite A Day To Remember song, 'Have Faith In Me'. Originally the colour was green however I had this changed to blue at a later date. Not because I didn't like the green, I just fancied a change!

So, the meaning is extra cheesy. Like you might vom. It basically means that I want people to have faith in me, whilst I live my life and chase my dreams. Told you so. The other side to the tattoo is the A Day To Remember lyrics and the circle of life also links to Bring Me The Horizon's album cover for Sempiternal so it's both soppy and music based.

Pain Level: 3/10 - I wouldn't say it was painful, just took a while to get used to. 

Dreamcatcher Tattoo


Location: Bottom Left Leg (Just above the Ankle)
When?: September 2015
Artist: Tasha Wild, Ultimate Skin, Leeds

I think this is a standard one for us Potter heads!

I wanted to declare my love to the magic by adding a bit of ink so that's just what I did. I got this after my first trip to Wizarding World in Orlando, the place where magic really does come to life. It just made me fall more and more in love with the world and I just had to make sure it was part of me for life. 

So yes, tattoo number two is a simple outline of the Dealthy Hallows symbol, those that don't know what it stands for, please educate yourself with Harry Potter - it's an important aspect to anyone's life!

At this time I also changed the colour in my dream-catcher!

Pain Level: 1/10 - Literally couldn't feel it at all. 

Deathly Hallows Tattoo


Location: Front Left Thigh
When?: February 2016
Artist: Tasha Wild, Ultimate Skin, Leeds

I was pretty poorly in December 2015 and needed a lot of time off work so what did I do to pass time? Design this beaut! 

Nightmare Before Christmas is my favourite movie from my childhood and it's still one of my favourite movies today. That being said, the movie also links with lyrics from my favourite Blink-182 song, 'I Miss You' so I thought to myself, why not put it all together!

I already knew that I wanted a frame style tattoo on the front of my leg, with the hill, Jack, Sally and Zero. After all, Zero is possibly my favourite movie pet! After a few doodles, a few rubbed out pages and lots of indecision I came together with the design that Tasha developed even further to create this incredible piece of art. 

This one hurt that tiny bit more. It wasn't so much the outline, it was the shading towards the inside of the leg. It wasn't bad enough to make me cry though - and I'm an absolute wuss. 

Pain Level: 5/10 - this one hurt a little on the inside of the leg, nothing else!

Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoo


Location: Bottom Right Leg (Just above the Ankle)
When?: May 2016
Artist: Bob Hodge, Rude Studios, Leeds

Ahh my final tattoo (it's been so long already).

This was a design was part of Slam Dunk Festival 2016 and Rude Studios had a sheet with multiple designs on that related to Slam Dunk in some form for £30. 

It's rare that myself and my bestie pass up on the opportunity for a tattoo and this day was no different. We might have been hungover but we went and got the Yorkshire Rose - representing my home county (and the best tea) and the music festival that has been a big part of my life. The design, worked by Bob Hodge has aspects of dot work and I honestly love it - to the point where I want some more, small but similar tattoos around the rose.

Pain Level: 2/10 - I don't think the hangover helped



The Dealthy Hallows symbol and the Yorkshire Rose are pretty standard. It's difficult to really manipulate these unless you want to grow them into a much bigger tattoo. The Yorkshire Rose was part of a flash sheet so there will be others the same but it was mainly for the everlasting memory of Slam Dunk Festival.

My other two tattoos on the other hand (my bigger ones) are all self drawn! I spent a hell of a lot of time thinking of these ideas and putting them on paper and the eraser must have been used so many times. It's important that you take your time with designing what you want. 


I've already mentioned the two artists that have drawn with their incredible talents on me but you can find the from the links below:

Tasha Wild

Instagram - @tashawild
Facebook - Ultimate Skin
Email - ustattoo@gmail.com // tash.ultimateskin@gmail.com

Ultimate Skin
33 New Briggate

Bob Hodge

Instagram - @bfh_tattoo
Facebook - Rude Studios
Email - bfhtattoo@gmail.com

Rude Studios
13b North Lane,


Well I'd be lying if I said I didn't have any more lined-up. I'm currently designing some more, smaller pieces for both my right leg and to get started on my arms (sorry not sorry Dad). I may already be booked in for a little something in a couple of weeks so keep your eyes peeled for any updates and new tattoos over on my Instagram!

I'd love to see your tattoos - link me to your photos in the comments!


  1. Yeeeessss girl, so good to see you blogging again and mixing up the content! Love this post xoxo