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Hey Charlotte, Where Have You Been?

First and foremost I want to apologise that I haven't posted anything since March. Things have been pretty hectic to be honest. So, here's a little update of what I've been up to:


University WorkAs some of you may know, I've been studying for an MSc in Digital and Strategic Marketing alongside my full-time job as a Marketing Manager. I'm not going to lie, it's probably the toughest thing I've done. I thought I could easily handle it after graduating from my Undergraduate degree whilst working 3 jobs but the reality is, a 40 hour week, two modules a semester and a home to look after really got the better of me and I've been the most stressed, constantly questioning why I did it and whether I made the right choice. 

Now, after completing my first year I can happily say that I 110% made the correct decision in applying for the course and doing it the way I have done. The course initially was meant to the three years long but I want to start a family sooner rather than later so I decided to pack it all into two years and thankfully the majority of it is over. I did pretty well, got a few Firsts and a couple of 2:1's so I've just got to press on and focus on my goals.

Next academic year I will only be studying for one module a semester and my dissertation (which I still haven't decided on the topic) so it should be much easier and I am now in a much better job in which I can be given study leave! Yipee!


So that last sentence just gave away this next factor - yes, I've got a new job! 

Poundworld LanyardI'm now a Business Growth and Innovation Associate for Leeds Beckett University and my day-to-day role will be working with a company called YPO as an eCommerce Analyst, looking at web performance, analysis and putting together new strategies for moving the company forward. I've been there almost three weeks now and I absolutely love it. I've got so many ideas that I'm just ready to get started on. I completely feel like I made the right decision in leaving Poundworld/Discount Wholesale although I massively miss my old colleagues. 

Some fantastic memories were made in the 20 months I was at DW and my experience in employment grew massively in that time but I feel as though I'd gotten as far as I could and it was time for a new chapter.....which is exactly what I've done!


Ahhh, this has been the best three months ever. 

Holiday with GaryGary moved in towards the end of March (goes to show why I haven't blogged since then!) and it has been so lovely. Of course, there have been times where we've fallen out, living with someone is bloody hard work, especially when you both have different house habits. 

That being said, I wouldn't have the situation or him any other way. I love that I come home from work to him and that he comes home from work to me. Nights chilling on the sofa watching Netflix with all the sweets are now my favourite rather than us going out to the cinema or on a night out. He's my personal insect/spider catcher and the best rock that I could ask for (and he's a good egg with the housework....most of the time).

Now he has his man cave of a PC and pretty much a music studio set up, I can now hog the TV and blog away while he plays Rocket League or writes music! 


Well, this was a given wasn't it?

So, who have I seen since March (and not written about, I'm sorry)? Here comes the list:

- We Are The Ocean

- Our Hollow, Our Home
- Parkway Drive
- Bury Tomorrow (X2)
- Underoath
- While She Sleeps
- Radio One's Big Weekend (feat. You Me At Six + Biffy Clyro)
- Slam Dunk North
- Download Festival 
- Paramore

So yeah, I've been staying pretty damn busy and the reason I haven't been blogging about it all is honestly because I fell out of love with writing. I wanted to go to gigs and enjoy them without thinking about the pros and cons of the setlists and the performances but now I can happily say that I'm raring to go again. 

Bury Tomorrow


After much consideration I'm going to continue with The Adventures of Charlotte - I very nearly gave up completely. Instead of focusing on music and travel, I'm going to try and venture out further and become a bit more lifesyle-y in the hope that I don't fall out of love again. 

So there it is - I'm open to working with brands so if you want to collaborate, you can find my contact details here

I promise I won't leave it as long next time. Much love! 


  1. That photo of you and Gary is so cute! Welcome back to blogging my love xoxo

    1. Thanks sweet! He's a good looking fella!xx