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This is most certainly a different type of post that you would expect to see on my blog, first things first, I do not have a beard. Second thing, my boyfriend has a banging one and ThatchFace very nicely send over an amazing bottle of their home-made oils for him to try out.

Thatchface Review - Gary
Beard + Bass = Gary


ThatchFace is owned by Ben & Leanne Cleaver, founded in early 2017 from their home in Leighton Buzzard, England. 

ThatchfaceThe business model and story behind ThatchFace really did hit me in the face when I read up on the company and after hearing from Ben, it really did come across as a passion. 

In 2009 Ben was diagnosed with testicular cancer, underwent surgery to remove the original tumour, followed by a sprint of chemotherapy to cure the remaining cancer that had spread to his groin. This lead to the growth of his ThatchFace aim: to give back to men's cancer charities, donating 10% of profits from each beard oil to help other men in their own personal journeys with the disease.  


Thatchface Review - GaryThatchFace stand highly on the fact that their oils are made using only high quality ingredients, providing their customers with an oil that is lightweight whilst leaving a subtle scent and it couldn't have explained it better. 

ThatchFace kindly offered to send out a bottle of our choice and after much deliberation, Gary (my bearded other half), opted for the Wild Zest oil. I personally love the citrus scents for, from a girlfriend's point of view, it was a no brainer from me. With ingredients of lemon, lime, orange and ylang ylang this oil smelt amazing. The Argan Oil in the mixture also gave Gary's beard in an amazing condition, adding that extra bit of shine to his 'Thatch Face'.

Because you probably can't take a girl's word for it, here's a quote from the other half: 

"ThatchFace is the only beard oil that I've owned that actually smells nice and keeps it's scent for a fair bit of time. The only negative from me would be that I can't stroke my beard without getting oily hands but that is the same with any oil! I must need to stop touching it all of the time! Overall, I would certainly recommend the product"

Other scents currently available include:
- Got Wood
Leaving the beard with a sense of warm masculinity from cedarwood, sandlewood, pine needle and a hint of lime. 

- Full Minty 
Add an extra bit of freshness to the beard with this blend of peppermint and eucalyptus.


As a girlfriend of a bearded wonder, I also couldn't recommend these enough, they smell and look amazing. The most important part for me however, was the story behind the brand and the donations that you could help make whilst also making your (or your partner's) beard amazing. 

Remember guys, it's currently Movember so you could be growing your own facial hair in order to raise month for men's health issues. Make sure you take care of your added hair this month and give a little extra for the cause through ThatchFace. 

Beard oils are available to buy today from: www.thatchface.com

You can also find more of ThatchFace on Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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