\ 2017 AND WHY I'M GOING ON A BREAK - The Adventures of Charlotte


Well hello. I've not blogged for so long and I haven't even written my yearly album review. Why's that? I've honestly fallen out of love with blogging and social media in general. 

I have honestly had the best 2017 I could have asked for. Gary moved in at the start of the year and we are stronger than ever, and my love for him is increasing every single day. I got a new job and I absolutely love it, it's challenging at times but it's great place for me to be able to do what I do best with a great team around me. 

In terms of music, I've been to 30 gigs and attended 5 festivals and I literally would not change that for the world. I know I used to do reviews of gigs but having stopped for the majority of this year, it's allowed me to actually enjoy myself in the moment, not thinking about the things I need to write. 

I've set myself some standard goals for next year. I want to mainly focus on my masters, my job and growing my freelance digital marketing business. I may come back to blogging at some point in the new year but for now, we're going on a break. 

I'm also going to be deleting the majority of my social media apps on my phone from tomorrow. I'm becoming obsessed with it and I literally don't go into the next room without my phone in my hand. I know that there is so many better things that I could be doing with my time and, being on the penultimate hurdle of my masters, a break from social media will be the best thing for my productivity. I doubt it will last too long but I'm going to try! 

Thank you to all that have read any blog post. It's nice to know that some people enjoy my ramblings! I wish you all a very happy and healthy new year. 

So, this isn't a final goodbye, it's a see you soon.