I think from reading the title alone you will know what this post is about, prepare for a rant (and please give me some advice at the end!)

It's Sunday evening, 9:21pm to be precise (although it certainly won't be by the time I publish this post). I have spent the past three hours feeling fed up, worn out and teary. The culprit? A marketing audit that is due for inspection on Wednesday and an exam that is due the Wednesday after. My laptop has been going super slow recently and tonight, when I needed it the most it was just not playing at all. 45 minutes and three restarts later we are going, only to find that my Microsoft subscription had ran out meaning I couldn't use all the features I needed for the audit. 

Anyone doing an MSc will understand the difficulty to get a decent grade and working full-time is really taking it's toll. I love, love, love my job and wouldn't change it for the world but WHY did I start a postgraduate degree part-time? I mean, I'm not even working in Marketing at the minute so it will make no difference to my job whatsoever. 

The course was meant to be taken part-time over three years but I stupidly condensed it to two years because I want to start a family with my wonderful (and very supportive) boyfriend in the next couple of years. My workload is less than last year when I was doing MORE modules and more hours at my old job so why am I feeling like this and why am I struggling so much? I have one module this semester and one next with my dissertation running throughout the year. The modules should be a walk in the park compared to a dissertation! I think that because this module also has an exam, my anxiety is having a field day - I HATEEEEE exams. 

On top of that I currently have a half-painted living room and no Christmas decorations up, I'm skint and we are awaiting a new bed delivery, currently sleeping on the guest bed until it arrives on the 15th December. I am simply fed up after reaching maximum stress levels and I've even contemplated dropping out of uni even though I'm nearly there and have already paid for the full bloody thing. 

The question I ask you all is how do you cope with stress and general shitty moods? I proper need a lift and a different mindset too. This is really just a big rant but, you know afterwards when you feel like there's a little bit of weight off your shoulders? Yeah, I'm hoping for that....and to wake up on a beach somewhere. 

And breathe. 

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