\ AN EVENING WITH....ON THE BEACH - The Adventures of Charlotte


Earlier in June I was invited to On The Beach's Digital HQ in Manchester for an evening of blogging tips, food, cocktails and lots of fun with some other travel bloggers, and yes, what fun was had.

 We started the evening mingling and networking before being seated in the auditorium where the seats were, you guessed it, deck chairs. After a brief introduction to On The BeachMan vs Globe took to the stage. His fab talk was all about travel photography and standing out from the crowd . I learnt about how to not only take photographs of iconic landmarks, but also how to make them different and incorporate a little bit of culture in there too, ensuring that photography doesn't just show a picture, it tells a full story. 

Next up was how to work instagram like a pro, maximising following and engagement from the lovely Kirsty Leanne. This talk gave some top tips of how to use Instagram as a blogger and lots of lessons were taken home. The final talk of the night came from Wagtail Digital and was all around SEO. Working in SEO anyway, I didn't gain lots of knowledge but I certainly found some new resources to try out!

After the talks, it was time to tuck in with the food, the sights, props and of course, cocktails. On The Beach put on a wonderful spread of snacks for us with a table full of Sex on the Beach and Mojitos which went down a treat with us bloggers! We sat and ate snacks whilst taking part in a (really hard!) quiz all about travel.

After the quiz and food, we had a checklist of props to grab some photographs with which included a hammock in their hammock/chill room (which was amazing), the deck chairs and some inflatables. This was so much fun, we even got to make our own ice cream cone with uber cheesy holiday music in the background. We even each received cupcakes with our faces it them which were not only fantastic to look at, but also super tasty.

The full evening really made me want to go on holiday again, and you can do so too with On The Beach - they offer some fab, cheap package holidays! 

Disclaimer: I want invited to this event by On The Beach, content creation was not a requirement of this invite. All views are my own. 

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