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I can't even begin to explain how much I'm miss gigs, the pub and a metalcore night at a club. I've set myself a goal to game more this year. It helps having a boyfriend who's a gamer himself - he's just so much better than me at everything! Here are three games that will be fuelling lockdown date nights for the foreseeable:

Rocket League 

Team up in the competitive leagues and grow your ranks together! My OH is Plat 3 and I'm quite frankly, terrible - I enjoy boosting and blowing people up whereas he's a serious competitive gamer when it comes to Rocket League. Despite that, he's helping me get the little bit better and it's making weekends super fun when we can jump on party chat with some pals and have a few games online. I'm planning on exploring different training packs and improving my skills from bronze to supersonic legend (I wish)! See if you can find your match at Gamer Dates, the free gamer dating site.

The Sims 3

Barring the OG games, The Sims 3 is my favourite of the recent releases. I have a ton of expansion packs  and Late Night is my absolute favourite. I play The Sims because it's a way of virtually living that ideal life. I'm top of the Business career path, I'm married to my OH and we have ALL the kids. My other passion is building homes and interior design. I'd love to just click my fingers and transform my home into my designs!  I'm planning on spending more time upping my house building skills. Super tempted to start a YouTube account on this also! 

Call of Duty

I'm a sucker for Gun Game in Black Ops 1 and have just started playing Cold War. The only downside to still trying to play Gun Game is actually getting play-time. I spend so much time in the lobby waiting for all six places to be filled! Now that I've started playing Cold War, I've been exploring different game modes such as Team Death-match and Prop Hunt - oh my god I never thought that transforming into a box could be so much fun! 

Playing from afar?

If you don't live with your OH or pals, play online against each other making it a virtual gaming night. Grabs the snack, grab the drinks and connect. Get connected with Xbox Live or Discord. You could even meet someone new to game with and look for lurveee with gamer girl dating. This is a great way to socialise during lockdown and a cheap way to have some fun when life gets back to normal. There's nothing I enjoy more than connecting with friends over gaming nights, it leads to catch ups, competitiveness and lots of laughs guaranteed. You could even start streaming on the likes of Twitch for an even bigger social experience. 

So, are you a gamer? What games can't you get enough of? I'd love to know your suggestions of games to play on my own or as part of date night if you have some cool multiplayer ideas! 

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