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I might be in a relationship but I did start my journey in the world of online dating back in 2015/2016, finally swiping right on my OH five years ago next month. This post looks at my top 5 tips for dating safely online.


Get your stalk on

We all do it, it's just that we might not admit it! They will likely have a name, age and location on their dating profile so use these details wisely and find that dating candidate's online profile to make sure they are who they say they are. If you're struggling to find someone based on their details, reverse-image search on Google to make sure you're not dealing with a catfish! 

Video chat before the first meeting

We all want to know what our potential date actually looks like, we don't want to be looking for someone at a meeting spot and they look completely different to their photos. Think filters, think catfish. Plan a video call before meeting, see what they actually look like and also see how the chat flows in this situation - anyone can sit and talk the talk behind a keyboard, but can you click with them in reality? If they continue to put-off a video call then see it as a red flag and do not proceed to meet up with them as they are more than likely hiding who they actually are. 

Meet in a public place

Always, always, always meet in a public place. At the moment you can't just meet up in a bar like I did with my OH...bloody covid. Hopefully before long we will be let loose into the outside world but in post-lockdown life. Maybe a walk along Blackpool's promenade or a fun day at the Pleasure Beach if you're Lancashire dating. Prefer arts and culture? Check out Birmingham's Ikon Gallery or Botanical Gardens if West Midlands dating is closer to home. If those don't suit your location, you can meet in a busy public place such as a park or go for a walk around a city centre - make sure it's daylight and stick to the main roads and busy areas if you're out for a walk. If the pandemic is over this side of the year, meet in a pub, restaurant or somewhere cool like the bowling alley. If you're want something a little more active you could even go to a trampoline park like I did on a previous date - that was tons of fun and very public! 

Have a friend on hand

We like sharing that we have a date so make sure you tell at least one person all the details of the big day/night. Share the time you're meeting, location and details of the date - not everything under the sun but name, age and a photo should suffice. If you have an iPhone, they could also use the Find My Friends app to keep track of where you are, that way, if anything goes wrong, someone will know where you are. Maybe have a codeword between you and your friend - if the date isn't going well, text this word and they can come to the place of meeting and rescue you from a dull or creepy date!

Plan your journey home

Last but not least, make sure you plan your journey home. If you drive, take your car with you - that way you can decide when you want to leave and you can leave on your own. If you're going by public transport, check the times of the trains/buses or book a taxi in advance. By having set transport you won't be left waiting alone at the end of the date and also won't feel like you have to take up an offer of a lift if the date hasn't gone to plan. 

So, those are my top five dating safety tips. Dating is hard in the normal world, let alone a pandemic, make sure you have fun and stay safe!

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