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21 FOR 2021 - HEALTH

Charlotte with Luna in the snow

I usually set myself goals at the start of the year and they cover all aspects of my life. But, after almost a year of lockdown AND crappy mental health, I've made a 21 for 2021 list, focussing on health, wealth and happiness. Join me for a three part series where I deep-dive into each item on the list. 

We begin with health...probably the most important one of all three parts. 

Mental Health

Read 12 books

I used to read a lot as a child and in my teens and as the years have gone on and I've worked, studied and spent all my spare time at gigs or on nights out I've lost my passion for reading. I set this goal as 12 so it would equate to one a month, easy, yes? Actually not so easy - we're mid-February and I'm only just nearing the end of my first book! I've started dedicating at least 30 minutes before I go to sleep to reading rather than scrolling through Twitter or TikTok, sending my brain to sleep sensibly. 

Bookshelf with books


I'm ashamed to admit that I have sooooo much stuff. I don't even use half of it so 2021 is the year to declutter. I've already started by purging all of my clothes, binning some, keeping some and selling others on Vinted. So, the bedroom is done, still to do is my office, makeup (urgh), bathrooms and the kitchen! I've always had a mental blocker from getting rid of things, even the smallest memory makes me want to keep hold of things although I know I'll feel so much better afterwards. Clear house, clear mind. CLUTTER BE GONE


I started actively journalling in March 2019. I've always started diaries and it's never lasted longer than a month up until this date. I now have a diary where I write bullet points of things that happened in the day and then when I'm having some self-care time, I write this up in my journal, adding photos and cute stickers along the way. I've found journalling to really help with my mental health and also something that's cool to look back at as the years pass. Thanks to my pal Holly, at Journal with Dolly, for helping me find my creative side and a new found obsession with washi tape. 

Journal, washi tape and a diary

Physical Health

Lose 1 stone

Okay, so I've changed my mind about this one. I used to think that all that mattered was the number on the scales when reality, as long as I'm happy and healthy, the number shouldn't mean a thing. I've quit Slimming World after two and a two and a half years and, linking back to decluttering, I've either sold or listed a ton of clothes that I kept from my teenage years that I was determined to skinny back into. I'm still going to exercise, tone up and keep fit but I'm not bothered about the change in numbers. 

Exercise more

I'm still going to exercise, tone up and keep fit but I'm not bothered about the change in numbers as per the point above. Exercise is great for physical AND mental health. I began to do PT sessions last summer and absolutely loved them. Not only did I see changes in my body shape pretty rapidly, I also found it to be a little escape from the nutty world. Unfortunately, since Lockdown 3.0 kicked in, I haven't been able to have these sessions and I struggle big time with motivation for exercising at home without someone telling me to keep going. The aim this year is to go back to PT and turn the garage into a gym so I have my own little place of escape. 

Workout activity on apple watch

Run 5KM in < 30 minutes

Ooh, a goal with an actual target.. I've not actively ran since before I had a stroke in 2015. I ran the Race for Life after a heavy night at Spiders and actually did it in my fastest time which was 34m 12s. Fast-forward 6 years and I've now decided to try and train to run 5KM in less than 30 minutes on a regular basis. This will help with my fitness and will again, be another form of escape from my own thoughts! Actually dreading this one though, I can feel the shin splints already! Here's me post-race in 2015:

Charlotte in Race for Life 2015

So, those are my health goals for the year. Keep your eyes peeled for part two, looking at my 2021 finance and wealth targets. 

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