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At the start of 2021 I made a '21 for 2021' list covering the areas of health, wealth and happiness. In a flash we're at the end of 2021 and it's time to roundup what I've achieved and also not managed to do this year...


Read 12 books ❌

Well, quite-frankly, this didn't happen. I think I managed three and a half books! I did read a ton of blog posts around my career though, that counts doesn't it?!

Declutter ✅

Over the course of the year I managed to sell over 100 items and a ton more either went in the bin or to charity. Pretty proud of myself on this one to be honest. 

Journal ✅

I continued to journal all through 2021, I just fell behind a tad at the end of the year. At the time of writing this blog post on the 28th December, I'm halfway through September in my journal. Lots to catch up on but I have a handy diary with notes for each day meaning that I will finish the year eventually....

Lose 1 stone ❌

I went back to Slimming World in November and have lost 10lbs in my first two months back. I just needed the accountability. So yes, not quite a stone but nearly there!

Exercise more ✅

I did a lot of PT work this year which was great, then I decided to join Nuffield Health for a bit before getting my own walking treadmill. This sits under my desk and means that I can average around 15,000 steps a morning all whilst I'm walking. A big tick from me for this one!

Run 5KM in < 30 minutes ❌

I don't have anything other to say about this goal other than it didn't happen. Did I even run a 5K? Probably once. 


Move up the career ladder ✅

A big fat tick on this one! I started a new role, with a new company in April and I have not looked back. Furthermore, I've also gone for a promotion - I've got my second stage presentation in the new year so keep everything crossed for me!

Clear credit card debt ✅

I smashed it! My credit card debt was cleared on the 21st April and I was buzzing! I now only have £1,490 of my student loan remaining 

Overpay mortgage ❌

Yeahhhh, didn't do this one either. My plan was to be completely debt free and THEN start overpaying the mortgage. Almost there though. 

Boost my savings ✅

Savings have been boosted! I cash-flowed Christmas, topped up all my sinking funds and also started a new savings pot. 

Get a new car ✅

I got the new car, and I got the car I wanted! I'm now an EV driver and wouldn't change it for the world. It's much bigger and much more convenient than my little Corsa. 

Write more blog posts ❌

This fell off a cliff, maybe 2022...

Make £1,000 freelance ❌

I actually quit my freelance venture when I started my new role, prioritising a work-life balance rather than attempting work-freelance-life balance!

Practice Procreate ✅

I've practiced a bit this year to be honest - done a few logo designs for friends and a couple of tattoo designs for myself I'm not amazing but I'm better than I was in 2020!

Learn Adobe Suite ❌

As I'm not pursuing Digital Marketing Management as a career, this is a little less needed now. It might be something I learn in the future but I've got other areas I need to focus on now.


I never actually got round to publishing this post but I've rounded it up anyway!

Decorate the house ✅

This has gone pretty well - bedrooms, offices, bathrooms and cinema room have been done. My plan for the new year is to do the kitchen and the lounge.

Finish the garden ✅

We finished the garden in June and Luna loves it (we do too!). In total it probably cost us around £1.3K in materials and some bloody hard work but it was totally worth it.

Improve self-esteem ❌

Yeah, this is still to be done but I did get a book for Christmas that will hopefully help with that - it's called "The Wisdom of Insecurity" by Alan W. Watts. 

More Xbox ❌

I didn't really game more this year to be honest, I've just been so focussed on other things. I have reinstalled The Sims 3 on my mac and have been playing that more recently though. 

Minimalistic life ❌

In a way I've achieved some of this by decluttering but I still don't think I'm at that stage of 'minimalistic', I'm too much of a hoarder! 

Visit New Places ❌

Haha good one Charlotte. I've still not been abroad since 2019 thanks to Covid and not really travelled in the UK this year as the focus has been on the house

So, half of the goals achieved, not great but better than none. It's been another strange year so I'm happy to have gotten through the ones that I have. Here's to 2022!

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