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Hi, I’m Charlotte, a 27 year old Digital Marketer who is a nerd for all things Harry Potter, Disney, Gigs and Festivals. I like to be creative so I'll throw journalling in there too.

I've been blogging since 2014, when I had a really disappointing experience at an Asking Alexandria gig and I had to get my thoughts down somewhere! Since then I've reviewed tons of gigs, festivals, bands and albums! Over the past couple of years however I have started to delve further with more travel and lifestyle posts which have been really fun and to be honest, are my favourite things to write about.

Rather than waffling on, I thought I'd give you ten facts about myself, so here goes!
  1. I have a BA in Marketing, an MSc in Strategic and Digital Marketing AND a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing with the CIM - yes, I'm a nerd.
  2. I like sport, a lot. Hull City and Hull KR supporter over here!
  3. My Undergraduate Dissertation was 'Marketing in modern football: a business vs a culture'
  4. I journal EVERYDAY.
  5. I could rewatch Gossip Girl over and over.
  6. The USA is my favourite holiday destination, Florida in particular.
  7. You'll usually find me in The Key Club, Leeds dancing away to my favourite music.
  8. Speaking of which, Metalcore is my favourite music genre.
  9. And my favourite drink on a night out is rum and coke.
  10. I'm currently on my debt free journey and have paid more than £17,000 off in two years!
I'm rubbish at talking about myself really so if you're a little bit intrigued and want to hear more ramblings, you can find me very active on Twitter and Instagram!

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