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Get in touch! 

Whether you have questions to ask or comments to make there are a few different ways in which you can contacy me: 

Twitter - I'm a complete Twitter addict and have been since I signed up in 2009. This will probably get you the quickest reply either by mentioning me on Twitter (@Charlotte_Tyson). If I'm following you I also respond to my DMs!

Email - I'm also active on my emails and can ususally reply the same day. If you'd prefer to email and not be restricted to 140 characters you can do so here (theadventuresofcharlotte27@gmail.com)

Facebook - My Facebook page is another way that you guys can get in touch. I recieve all notifications through my phone so I will be speedy on the response! You can find the page by following this link (facebook.com/theadventuresofcharlotte)

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